Hot Abs Exercise Combo

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Hot Abs Exercise Combo

  1. SexyCoraFan says:

    Wow!!! Luv this…..workout!!!

  2. 1emina says:

    this is great, just what i need… thanks!

  3. LovelyD11 says:

    Where did you get those workout pants? I’ m a fanatic for cute workout clothes and would like to know where you get all of yours.

  4. a3eilm2s2y2 says:

    do you drink green tea??

  5. c0nsci0usness says:

    i pray to god there are more women like you on this earth

  6. Thrashvel says:

    you’re ripppped! looking real good

  7. oljaaaaaaa says:

    more food + diet videos, please! 🙂

  8. Surishta says:

    hey your six packs are showing off now, now thats a real motivation to get this move in my workouts

  9. StoliDassah says:

    awesome! will definitely give this combo a try.

  10. azumaninjay says:

    I like the new style Z.

  11. maRalshAb says:

    ur so beautiful, i can’t stop watching ur videos just to see ur face and body & Im a woman 😛 😀

  12. F4DiNh0 says:

    ur my hero


    its too complicated…

  14. wweuniversewwe says:

    i havent noticed but thanks to this channel i now know that chicks who work out r super-hot!!, soo ima go to the gym and spit sum game!! hahahahaha

  15. monicaxix says:

    how many reps and sets?

  16. SensiLand says:

    i can see alot of changes in your body!!
    the workouts have you 100% FIT & CUT.
    Your awesome!!
    know that!!!
    your frined,

  17. chickenboi12 says:

    i was looking for something on abs….now i can do this

  18. nubpenner says:


  19. dacrazyone88 says:

    can u suggest somethings to eat that are healthy while ur sick other than soup 🙂

  20. littlechrist1 says:

    that is so intense lookin lol

  21. GilstrapStudiosAlt says:

    you are beautiful

  22. cityspeighce says:

    Zuzana, you know that? Oh, yeah… Well, I haven’t looked back much. “You have to pay by Czech.”

  23. jayrockvids says:

    Wow.. you look even better in HD, I should have used HD a while ago haha.

  24. latingirl500 says:

    love it, u should make more abs workouts, i ran out of ideas lol

  25. ShenaniganMaster says:

    Damn will probably try this.

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