Hot Abs Workout

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25 Responses to Hot Abs Workout

  1. MrWestcoastcpt says:

    i wish i was that sandbag

  2. burgerking7472 says:

    The sandbag kicked your ass LMFAO

  3. hensolo10 says:

    what kinda bag is that?

  4. Jr3735 says:

    where you doing power cleans with the sand bag it looked like it

  5. chickenzwings says:

    My god your beautiful. Thank you for putting these videos up. your body is a huge inspiration. i’m on a mission to GAIN weight right now – i have Marfan syndrome – and your videos are really helping me. I can’t do the exercises to the extremes that you can because my aorta may burst at any second instantly killing me… but thank you for your videos!

  6. Hijabi101 says:

    you really inspire us with you perfect boobs and FLAT stomach!!

  7. micboobyqc says:

    hahahahaha YES!

  8. atomichead777 says:

    u are literally the definition for PERFECT

  9. christo0895 says:

    i loved the sounds you made when doing the exercise…thank you

  10. octopibingo says:

    “My ass is still hurting from my last workout.”

    Lucky guy.

  11. fashionjewelrybox says:


  12. christo0895 says:

    are those real?? what? im just saying…

  13. videosbyMaxim says:

    great channel and awesome videos. Maxim says keep up the good work!

  14. 1AZZtoRisk says:


  15. adolthitler says:

    check out there is a beginners section.

  16. curleedst says:

    Does the sandbag come with sand-filled bags or that is sold separately?

  17. adolthitler says:

    I am not surprised your still sore from the last exercise session. It looked tough, and I must say you are inspiring. I keep struggling with motivation, but watching you go for it, refuels me.

  18. TotalGamer1 says:

    i love them!!!!!!!!!

  19. 12freddyscomingforu says:

    Oh my god.

  20. loveteenamarie says:

    if you guys are into beauty channels can you check out my videos please?

    and btw your videos rock!!

  21. TheCokebottle1 says:

    How are those shoes working for you?

  22. Craigyy92 says:

    Great Video like all your others <3 🙂

  23. 40chanel says:

    Have you ever checked your body fat percentage? I am just curious to know what it is because it doesn’t look like you have any body fat on you.

    You are amazing and I strive everyday to look as half as you do. Thanks for the great videos. Much love from Seattle, WA :<)

  24. Flamz0rz says:

    does the dude thats filming this also do these kind of workouts?

  25. 010101o says:

    i’ve been following your beginner workouts for some time now and i think i can push it to the next level. you are an inspiration to me! my bum is actually visible now! and my arms are looking much better. my belly still needs a good bit of work but if anyone can help me….. it is you! thank you!

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