Hot Body Burnout Workout Tutorial

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25 Responses to Hot Body Burnout Workout Tutorial

  1. JimmyHendrick80 says:

    ppl spend thousands of dollars on gym membership while you workout at home and still look hot!

  2. MrDavidpie says:


  3. MrDavidpie says:

    Thank you for being beautiful.

  4. MrDavidpie says:

    Thank you for being beautiful!

  5. pierrehar says:


  6. gotxxa87 says:

    i think she crafted it herself :p

  7. rsm49 says:

    im in love

  8. luckiestorm says:

    Your body is perfect, crafted by angles!

  9. gioyale says:


  10. jackiejimenez1984 says:


  11. TheDarkSaint777 says:

    i LOVE this workout Zuzana! but when we are jumping up at the end of the lap, i have trouble extending my arms up all the way. ive been following your excersizes and have found, that the cieling in our basement (the only place i can work out) has too low of a cieling for me to extend my arms up all the way. 🙁 do you have any suggestions??? i love your workouts by the way! they have really made a big change in my body, and i just feel so much more confident! thank you!

  12. gabbah246 says:

    i like how the border matched ur bra 🙂 hahah 

  13. bravo890 says:

    you need to work out in a bikini and show off more of those great abs!

  14. Fand421 says:

    Hey, to add to what she said about guys doing the work outs, she also has some older work outs on her website that have some good weight training exercises that I thought were good.

  15. Fand421 says:

    One time I looked up the word ripped in the encyclopedia and there was a pic of Suzanna

  16. paksallion says:

    you have the most contagious smile. wowz

  17. MegaFedorable says:

    I could listen to her say “poosh-ahp” ALL day long!! 🙂

  18. 27miline says:

    You are a model for all us 🙂

  19. Xocoleon says:

    Looks easy at first… but is really hard… nice workout =)

  20. andrewsanders1984 says:

    I’m pretty sure that you are my dream woman. Marry me.

  21. wildone106 says:

    Zuzana I just cant believe how beautiful, sexy, gorgeous & fun u are…u blown my mind!!!!!!!!!

  22. TakingOnSevenYears says:

    I really appreciate you showing us the beginner versions of these workouts. Helps a lot, thank you 😀

  23. Lokim23 says:

    hahaha you win

  24. hopsh27 says:

    wow that was hard

  25. SunKissAlba says:

    I have a question. Do you and Freddy want kids or no? if so will you work out with pregnancy work outs? & how long do you think you’ll be back in shape? I have a 1 year old son & my body is different but not too bad

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