Hot Body Diet Challenge!

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25 Responses to Hot Body Diet Challenge!

  1. K4113B4113 says:

    Does she say that we DONT aim to eat 5 meals a day and DONT eat every 3 hours?

  2. blackkrane0622 says:

    I wish this girl was my guardian angel

  3. BlkEclipse says:

    You look different…

  4. Bulbinukas says:

    It’s hard to concentrate to recipe ;/

  5. tightmask says:

    My goodness you look great!  Cool jacket!

  6. Arnsberg123456789 says:


  7. peth155 says:

    @AlejoDude92 She’s married i think

  8. peth155 says:

    I am also doing this, but i have a different problem. I have problem eating less than 7 meals a day; i am eating every 2 hours in smaller portions. =D

  9. dabs1978 says:

    @nobcheesy “curvy” haha 

  10. srbrand04 says:

    so wait…I’m supposed to eat a plate like that 5 times a day?

  11. efadaei says:

    how tall are you?

  12. MysteriosxZ says:

    Can i follow these steps if i’m a teenager?

  13. x0fiz says:

    love u

  14. hellzblade44 says:

    I am excited for the next 5 weeks since i just started working out again after 6 months.

  15. MsMissAmanda says:

    you’re so inspiring zuzana! love your vids 🙂

  16. ANTIxCONDOM says:

    you r gorgeous

  17. diabolodude says:

    I like when it zoomed in on the “veggies”.

  18. bugsenbunny says:

    don’t u love the mc drive?

  19. MyInsolence1 says:

    super videa, Zuzko:) Cvičím pravidelně podle tvých workouts a ve fitku to sklízí úspěch… dokonce jsem potkala i slečny, které cvičily stejně jako já:) V nejbližší době si budu kupovat gymboss:) Jen tak dál, vedeš si skvěle:) Tvoje fanynka Evka

  20. makeitgo says:

    Good advice. I’ve been doing this for a year now. I’ve never been in better shape. Whenever people ask my advice, this habit of eating 5/6 times a day is exactly what i suggest. 🙂

  21. makeitgo says:

    Have you started eating meat again?

  22. nobcheesy says:

    wish all women would take care of themselves like this one. so many fat fucks walk around calling themselves ‘curvy.’

    I would rather have this toned goddess anyday!

  23. hstjkt says:

    nice outfit…

  24. AlejoDude92 says:

    that’s my ideal woman ohhh Gosh marry me!

  25. fadedivinity says:


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