Hot Hemp Foods on Today Show

Phil Lempert the “Supermarket Guru” eats hemp foods on the Today Show, 1-16-2007. Calls it the hot food trend of 2007. Hemp Seed, hemp shakes, milk, bread, waffles, snack bars featured
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25 Responses to Hot Hemp Foods on Today Show

  1. oldschooldude2 says:

    hes feeding into the stereotype by doing “hemp brownies”. anyways, whos gonna buy a 16 oz drink for $20. not practical.

  2. malamute52002 says:

    I love Hemp Smoothies , I dont’ eat Ice Cream and I use Hemp Protein Powder from Nutiva and so Delicious.. I’ve lost 40 pounds feel great and I buy the 3 pound bag.. YUM, YUM.. Hemp Hemp Horray..

  3. Curtis Koval says:

    marrijuana and hemp are both cannabis.

  4. 808SoulRebel808 says:

    Our same Creator made this plant which somehow happens to benefit us more than normal.

  5. Dhragonfly says:

    they’re not different strains. one is the male plant. one is the female plant. & what do you even mean ‘who do you think made this plant’??

  6. Dhragonfly says:

    that asian broad is irritating

  7. torofighter says:

    pisses me off that hemp is illegal to grow. I mean why?????

    Did you know that Hemp oil can treat and possibly cure cancer? You know the FDA doesn’t care though because there is no money in hemp.

  8. MrTimjd123 says:

    Idiot host. here’s a guy trying to offer some good info, and they act dumb. Keep interupting him.

  9. MrTimjd123 says:

    Idiot host. here’s a guy trying to offer some good info, and they act like dumb asses.

  10. sofxy says:

    Hemp has healing qualities as well. There’s a great lip balm made out of hemp at lipdrug. com, you should check it out

  11. OOrGaSmICC says:

    Ha ha ha, I think it is funny at 2:20-2:25
    “It has a nuttier flavor to it right?”
    “Exactly. it’s nuttier, it’s creamier.”
    Boy how was i rolling. P.S this is my first comment on the tube.

  12. 808SoulRebel808 says:

    hemp and marijuana are good on their own aspects.
    “SAME PLANT” different strains.
    lose your false fear of your idea of marijuana.
    btw who do you think made this plant?

  13. dalizam says:

    Propaganda by media to discredit hemp use by Americans. Right before a McDonald’s commercial.

  14. JCKH2 says:

    These news reporters NEED to stop dropping the bomb on hemp……It is HEMP, not marijuana! They need to stop treating that kind of news like its a joke. ITS NOT!

  15. LaurenJustinKisa says:

    which Hemp shake tastes the best?

  16. MOONFACEx2 says:

    Isn’t it ironic how Hemp is legal to grow in countries like Canada, the UK and etc, yet the amount of drug use in those countries isn’t nearly as high and pervasive as it is in the US. Hemp has been used for industrial purposes including paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction, health food, fuel, and medical purposes. On top of that, it’s not the Hemp plant that people eat, but the Hemp seeds. I eat the Hemp seeds raw and they’re absolutely delicious.

  17. TheEbonicslover says:

    two dumb whores and a feminine douchebag.

  18. adamberk07 says:

    Morons. Exactly what Id expect from the corporations media. 


    will you poop a rope?

  20. snoogins355 says:

    corporate whores

  21. olesto says:

    placebo effect? 😛

  22. TheEgyptianOne says:

    of course she is, she’s Asian lol

  23. Stonewalljackson7 says:

    Only Phil doesn’t know that marijuana and hemp plants are the same thing not differnt plants.

  24. bladespawn420 says:

    well they are just as stupid as their at-home audience…stupid housewives

  25. bladespawn420 says:

    yea man i can’t wait itll hemp and flax are more readily available to the public

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