HOW I LOST 80 POUNDS!!! My weight loss secrets (2009)

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Fast New Year’s Resolution Diet and Weight Loss Tips from CNN Fitness Expert Jerry Anderson. Fast Weight loss and diet tips for New Year’s Resolutions.

26 Responses to HOW I LOST 80 POUNDS!!! My weight loss secrets (2009)

  1. TheChocolatebunny28 says:

    U look nice keep up the good work

  2. PlusModelInTheMaking says:

    Please watch my newest video, “How I lost 60 pounds.” Thanks 🙂

  3. msunpredictable86 says:

    You look great! Inspiring

  4. spearsg says:

    wow, charming girl! and thanks the tips!

  5. Jehania says:

    You look amazing! How did you manage to eat Rice Krispie Treats, Ramen Noodles and Twizzlers? What did you do as far as working out?

  6. PlusModelInTheMaking says:

    Watch my newest video “How I lost 60 pounds! My Weight Loss Tips & Tricks! (2012)”

  7. PlusModelInTheMaking says:

    Watch my newest video “How I lost 60 pounds! My Weight Loss Tips & Tricks! (2012)”

  8. NoraMarie13 says:

    I’m a teenager and I’m like really, really overweight. I don’t believe in reaching what is to be the “average goal” these days for my age. the normal is 115 and i was 125 a year and a half ago and the doctor called me obese. but I do need to lose weight, badly. I have a very low metabolism and I exercise every day and try so hard but I weigh my self and I end up gaining a few pounds more!! I’m sick of this, any tips?

  9. Miranda Heard says:

    How long did this take

  10. DrColette says:

    It’s all pre-packaged and processed though. No real food. Your nutrients are important…yes?

  11. Piper Blurred says:

    You have a really pretty face which is great if you’re going to be a model. 🙂

  12. auribabi says:

    you look great your very encouraging ive always been “thick” with a belly that i CAN NOT get rid of lol what kinds of exercises did you do? i dont go to any gyns so wht do you think would be best

  13. andrealucerfi says:

    Nice vid! thanks! :)

  14. kissablek23 says:

    I’m a coffee-holic too! Glad you fessed up, I don’t feel as bad now. LOL

  15. PlusModelInTheMaking says:

    Your welcome 🙂

  16. Egle Sopolova says:

    Thank you for the great video. The information you share is very quality and useful. weight loss can be very hard challenge.

  17. PlusModelInTheMaking says:

    I would say realistically every other month maybe… and that was an inch here and there not all over at times.

  18. PlusModelInTheMaking says:

    Thank u :)

  19. howtolose20pounds1 says:

    it is hard to weight

  20. ningmeow 17 says:

    U r beautiful..even u was overweight…:) and congrats

  21. fushia301 says:

    You look great !

  22. MissNae513 says:

    how often did you notice a difference in body measurements? im getting discouraged its been a moth and a half and i have only lost pounds and no inches

  23. PlusModelInTheMaking says:

    lol… agreed

  24. midniteplight says:

    wow! you look great 🙂 congrats on the weight loss success..and thank you for sharing your secret with us :)))

  25. ViewerLauren says:

    that weave could of been alot better!!

  26. howtoexerciseabs says:

    You are spot on with this video Jerry! 2013 time for everyone to think twice about their health.

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