How to avoid malnutrition on a raw food diet #266 I know that I will not receive a lot of love from the raw food movement, because I am talking about this again. However as nobody seems to be talking about it, I feel like I have to. Just because you eat a high-raw -or even 100% raw- food diet, does not mean that you automatically gonna be healthy. There are some important things to watch out for, and I want to talk about them in this video. I also want to give you some very clear and easy to use tools and tricks you can use to avoid these problems of deficiency to be even happening to you. I hope that this information is helping you on your path towards more health and happiness. Lots of love and a happy ‘n healthy Christmas wherever you are on earth.

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  1. Massab9 says:

    What are good ways to get vitamin D in the winter if one doesn’t want to drink fish oil?

  2. waln492 says:


  3. waln492 says:


  4. bypetual1 says:

    Ka, why are you drinking your green juice from plastic!!??

  5. Lindy Lama says:

    Thanks for an answer.

  6. EllieMarianna says:

    We no longer have time. As an animal, we would have been able to, but modern life is too jam packed for us to graze.

  7. ibetulookgood says:

    we can’t compare us with cows, horses, gorillas and other herbivores.
    please read how does cow’s digestion functions here – tinyurl (DOT) com/cfl5rzk

  8. nextinline777 says:

    We didn’t come from apes.. We came from black africans

  9. nextinline777 says:

    I juiced some nettles today lol!, & dandelion.

  10. Innersky23 says:

    This is the best video ever!

  11. Ka Sundance says:

    It’s not impossible, we humans just do not have (or take) the time to do so.
    We have been doing it for 100.000s of years. Our relatives the apes do it as well…

  12. Lindy Lama says:

    Wouldn’t common sense tell us that if it is impossible for humans to chew a kilo of greens or the amount of greens needed to be healthy then is this kind of eating is not intended for humans.

  13. sumthingelse19 says:

    sounds like a miniature Arnold Schwarzenegger 

  14. jackthebasenji1 says:

    Thank you for the information!

  15. Perry Haldenby says:

    KA do you have an Email address that I can contact you ? Mine is

    loving your work and would like to write to you personally about some things. Thank you. Happy New year

  16. loveya4023000 says:

    camucamu!:) royal jelly!wheatgrass!

  17. RapidReader4 says:

    I have been having trouble lately on my raw food diet and I have been curious about “superfoods” for a while and mainly because I haven’t had a job and been lacking funds I haven’t tried them. But I finally tried some Goji Berries and I think they are the best things ever. I will try some others and see how I react once I start getting my pay checks from my new jobs. I ate some cooked food the past few days since I am low on money and haven’t wanted to spend much and don’t feel as great as I did

  18. Randy Becker says:

    You need to have 50% fat in your diet to have lots of power

  19. adfadfewfrewafawefaw says:

    optimal carb, protein,fat ratio for transition get on 80/10/10. for optimal health at the highest level is 84-86/7-8/7-8 %

  20. kcingill says:

    I think making sure you get enough calories is the most important and you can only do that without getting a bank loan to pay for all the super foods with lots of fruit. Fruit is the way to go not processed super foods.

  21. awsevenn says:

     thanks for your videos….i want to visit costa rica and i was wondering would i have a good trip there if i don’t know or speak any all?

  22. dustyhaze says:

    Getting enough calories from fruit is way more important than eating superfoods…If anything,I would supplement with some Hemp seeds in a smoothie,and sling some spirulina in banana ice cream for green ice cream,but focusing on them will not give your body the fuel it needs…Drinking green juice feels so good! Ultimate Lemon Ginger Blasts all day!~

  23. lessen1 says:

    wish i had your life style

  24. Sunne Bernt says:

    I am glad you mentioned emotional and spiritual health…… important…….looking within and feeling whatever you need to feel……….people so want to avoid this usually…..being rigid about anything does not serve you well…….listen to your intuitive heart…..we need listen deeply to our own truth.

  25. Rita Marie says:

    another superfood (sprouts… radish, sunflower, alfalfa etc.. enjoy your vids. thanks for sharing.

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