How to Eat the Top Super Foods for Men’s Health

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11 Responses to How to Eat the Top Super Foods for Men’s Health

  1. Rachel Torres says:

    This still surprises me, how lot of people don’t know about Kidnetonex Remedy (do a google search), even though lots of people completely cure their kidney stones naturally with this remedy. Thanks to my work buddy who told me about Kidnetonex Remedy, I finally eliminated my pain for good by using natural ways.

  2. LecTruck says:

    Canola Oil is bad for Human beings use Extra Virgin Olive oil instead, much better for you!!!

  3. yaguang says:

    Yeah, I realize my comment is a bit vulgar, and I apologize for that. There are evidence supporting what I said.

  4. Greenvegan828 says:

    My uncle had prostate cancer. That was not only stupid but, should be ERASED. Dope.

  5. yaguang says:

    Yes! ejaculation of semen clears out the prostate and prevents build up of minerals and proteins whatnots. Google it! =)

  6. OhMyGoshMaryAnn says:

    Really? 😮

  7. Alex Foote says:

    Ya know, beer contains a molecule that can help prevent heart disease. Thank you manswers.

  8. Laogangstaa says:


  9. yaguang says:

    You know what else help fight prostate cancer? Sex.

  10. Ryan Brown says:

    Where is the part where you smoke a shit-ton of weed so you are stoned and hungry enough to eat that stuff.

  11. Harmiito says:

    Lol this is the First comment:p

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