How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny Guys – 4 Steps To Get You Growing Quickly -► Discover How To Gain Weight Fast! Hey it’s Jeff Masterson. In this video I’m going to explain how to gain weight fast for skinny guys. I’m going to explain 4 steps you can take right now to start getting faster results. Here are the notes from the video Gain weight fast by eating more calories than your body burns * 20 x your bodyweight = total daily calories * If you weigh 150 pounds you’d eat 3000 calories a day * This is just a starting point. You’ll have to track your results and adjust Gain weight fast by eating 6 meals a day * 6 meals a day keeps a steady supply of nutrients coming to your body that allows you to build new muscle tissue. * When your stomach is empty your body gets energy from 3 places: * Glycogen stored in the liver and muscles * Body Fat * Muscle tissue * Eating 6 meals a day will ensure that your body stays in an anabolic muscle-building state all day long. Gain weight fast by Lifting Heavy Weights * Lift weights in the 2 – 10 rep range * 2 – 4 reps will increase strength * 6 – 10 reps will increase muscle size Gain weight fast by keeping your workouts under 60 minutes * After 45 – 60 minutes your body starts producing cortisol * Cortisol is a catabolic hormone that will break down your muscle tissue so you want to avoid this at all costs. Now these are just 4 quick tips I wanted to give you to get you started. If you want more detailed information on how to gain weight fast, go to See you

24 Responses to How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny Guys – 4 Steps To Get You Growing Quickly

  1. guerillakidd says:

    @SBLEOO i hardly get 3 lol

  2. LouisReeds says:

    Its having the time, money (kind of) and appetite to eat every 2 hours, if your a full time worker in UK its a tough call eating something decent every couple hours
    How would you adapt man?

  3. ripvanmiller says:

    @WeightGainNetwork ah man, nice one. XD hahaha keep it up. 😀

  4. rva212 says:

    Your video is full of pseudoscience. Nothing you said is proven.

  5. rva212 says:

    @WeightGainNetwork you look like shit bro

  6. eddy536 says:

    i need help, i just got through stomach flu and i vomited a few times , i’ve been eating congee for a week, now i’m back to regular foods (starting tomorrow) what should i eat ?

  7. ktmmxer131 says:

    63lbs of muscle? Are you fucking kidding me… Do i get a corvette from watching this video as well?

  8. BlakeProductions7 says:

    @kidchaoscrazy360 if your asking wat r calories, ill suggest you get an education unless your in elementary school. retard fuck

  9. BlakeProductions7 says:

    your small. so how do i know if this works? and you sound like a fucking commercial

  10. kidchaoscrazy360 says:

    this may sound very stupid but wat r calories

  11. nomy23DH says:

    @TheRage191 Shut the fuck up faggot

  12. TheRage191 says:

    lol 9 minutes for this bullshit? let me explain in 1 fucking sentence..EAT ALOT OF CLEAN FOOD AND CARBS.

  13. GrifoMTL says:

    @DGregster yea man xd i wanna see some results of you

  14. DGregster says:

    @DGregster YouTube, you asked what I do to gain weight, and I use my iPhone. If you have a smart phone or iPod, check out this app called MyFitnessPal. I enter the food I eat each day and it keeps my progress very organized. It tells you how many calories you have left to meet your goal for the day and so I just try to stuff in as much food as possible. I don’t go to the gym regularly because I’m so caught up in school, but when I have the chance I do push ups and lift weights. Good Luck!

  15. DGregster says:

    @0ddNathan Wow, well I am pretty skinny, but I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one. All these people giving me support and asking me questions inspires me to try even harder.

  16. DGregster says:

    @GrifoMTL Yes, I have made progress, but I’ve been caught up in school lately so I haven’t been trying as hard, I’m going to try harder now, because you’ve reminded me of my goal 🙂

  17. Ballistic367 says:

    i am 16, skinny weighing at 153 pounds (currently) the best thing for me was playing football and drinking that protein powder and kreatine pills, before all this i was 127, i gained weight and strength so fast

  18. ManyVideosforyou says:

    Man ive been doing this shit 5-9times aday i ate i didnt gain shit these where meals you recommended. YOU EXPLAIN THAT TO ME! ive wasted SHIT loads of money and i didnt gain shit am i ill or something? i workout every fucking day big weights eating like a fucking hippo

  19. UT3610 says:

    SOrry i mean 90 pounds

  20. UT3610 says:

    What if u weight 2 pounds. God damn it!

  21. FashionRawkz says:

    Do Not over analyze things…
    Follow this VERY simple equation.
    Take this weight gainer supplement called “Russian Bear 5000 Calories Per Serving”. Mix 5 of those scoops with heavy cream, instead of whole milk. Drink it throughout the day (Along with your meals). Work out to gain MUSCLE weight. Do not work out and live a sedentary lifestyle to gain FAT weight. I am 5’6-5’7, 22, and gaining.

  22. CalvinJay4 says:

    i am 110 pound now. i’ve not been gaining weight for long time. i follow your steps but i still dont get any weight. -,- * disappointed*

  23. UnholyShadowsmusic says:

    @XXdeathurwayXX LOL your so fucken stupid !!

  24. WeightGainNetwork says:

    @XXdeathurwayXX I didn’t tell you to eat McDonalds, did I? That’s not how you gain muscle weight. You need to not only increase your calories and eat the RIGHT foods, you also need to go the the gym and do the right workouts…. NOT just eat 3 big macs after school and sit on your ass. There’s more to it than that.

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