How to get a Flat Stomach at Home

Get Fat Burning Workouts and Diet Plan at Hey guys, in this video I will show you 3 great ab exercises that you can do at home to help you flatten your stomach. You can do this workout every other day, the workout is broken down into 3 exercises: V Crunch – 30 secs / 15 sec rest Leg Raises – 30 secs / 15 sec rest Towel Sit Ups – 30 secs / 15 sec rest = 1 round * Do 3 rounds total Get Fat Burning Workouts and Diet Plan at Share this video with your friends using this link:

25 Responses to How to get a Flat Stomach at Home

  1. Litch King says:

    Trying wearing bikini or c string for more viewers…just saying

  2. ArabBrothersFitness says:

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  3. RecMors says:

    hi and im here to J off

  4. QuoVadis Estell says:

    Good job! Now i got work to do!

  5. HondaRacer248 says:

    right click stop download ;)

  6. Lebelekani says:

    i watched this while eating a slice of black forest cake. I am wondering how to get rid of fat around my tummy…get rid of the cake, lol.

  7. NUchow888 says:

    pause at 6:04 cammel toe!! haha ^ ^

  8. Alessandra Fontanot says:

    OMFG love her abs!

  9. cmchelseafc says:

    i did this last night and when i woke up this morning it felt like ive been stabbed

  10. Urz Truly says:

    I swear I do this video like twice a week, and in addition I got bootcamp going Mon, Wed and Fri. Plus cardio in between all that. Im on day 36 Isagenix, this nutrional cleansing program, that IM actually offering, I’m a Consultant with the company. AND LET ME TELL YOU IM ALREADY SEEING A LINE IN THE MIDDLE COMING DOWN MY ABS along with the cut on the sides! woOooHoOOo… Thank U Sunila, for your help with these at home videos. I appreciate you, and the Chinese Fine Gentleman toO! UinspireME.

  11. PurvyG says:

    seems legit…

  12. sanela pasic says:

    4 times!!

  13. aalaitha says:

    @qzncfbj yep i agree. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. btw!but ye In a best female model 2012 exclusive interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items. have a look here ==>

  14. Teran Perera says:

    Have you heard about “MAD Ripped Muscle?” (do a Google search for it) It is a quick way to build muscle fast.

  15. Ash Tara says:

    Hello, how many times a week do you do this? Thanks!

  16. kealylovesyou says:

    sooo tiring………died:( but helpful

  17. sslavajess says:

    she drinks water too often

  18. broadcastvanilla says:

    her voice is gone after workout 😛

  19. LetsCatchYourDream says:

    camera man should focus more on her form, position so we can see the entire body, not just focus on the ab area (we need to see where her feet and legs are positioned).

  20. LELO FAKE says:

    It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when these other people are able to get rid of fat so easily using Zippy Fat Loss (Look it up on google).

  21. Popo Hoho says:

    she seem too tired already in the beginning

  22. WhoAr3You says:

    Her legs were spread wide apart whilst showing a sample of her vage in the thumbnail. thats why i clicked

  23. Endomorphbeast says:

    IM A FAT FUCK!!!….IM 6’2 and i used to be 311 pounds, dropped down to 255….I chose to bulk up and I’m back up to 285. 1 more month to go on this bulk before I go on this EPIC cut!!….COME CHECK MY CHANNEL OUT AND SUBSCRIBE, WATCH ME GO FROM SHIT TO FIT

  24. oliwia kuczkowska says:

    close your eyes …..nd listen<3

  25. QuantumFilms1 says:

    It sounds more like porn than working out 

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