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25 Responses to How to lose 20lbs in 2 weeks

  1. TheChristinasunshine says:

    someee one didnt watch the video

  2. CaptinMurdock says:


  3. Ashanti Allen says:

    Watching this video I HAD to subscribe! I know my will power by myself is just not there. But when I pray and ask for his strength, I always do so much better.

  4. TheChristinasunshine says:

    shuddupannnjusssshooowuss!!! leee gooo!!!

  5. celticfallenangel says:

    Cause you ate to many Twinkies girl XD

  6. TheCureWIthinMe says:

    Love it … all your vids. Very inspirational

  7. yruhere121 says:

    Love your spirit

  8. sexydiva606 says:

    i didnt see any fat on u on ur before video..0__o….i dont get it but u look great:)

  9. meshisha77 says:

    believvvvvvvvvvvvve!!! oh jaaaaaa n nooooo dam twinkies lmao bam bam leggooooo

  10. awsomekittyninja says:

    haha BAM…BAM..BAM..BAM!!

  11. raquel ortiz says:

    you just boost my belief of losing weight.

  12. Devyn Pollard says:

    Can you add a video that is modified for teens in middle/high schoolers that want to lose weight?

  13. jasonarmstrong1982 says:

    You are so fine. 🙂

  14. Devyn Pollard says:

    Does this really work?

  15. Jessica Glam says:

    lol i love your video

  16. AfricannBaabeeess says:

    ur wecommess 😀

  17. lordvoldamort666 says:

    I’ll hit it.

  18. BOICRAZYTV says:

    I understand. I kinda realized that it’s not gonna go away anytime soon so I decided just to embrace it XD

  19. EWachob says:

    just do what prettykeli said here and you’ll be fine! just whatever you do, DONT go anoreix! even slightly overweight is 10000000x more attractive than having every last one of your ribs showing!
    **im not meaning to offend anyone who’s anerixc…. please, dont get mad! just understand what im trying to say! thank you

  20. WeightlossTips2012 says:

    We are glad to supply fat loss recommendations. Visit and watch our latest video : /watch?v=giXGNFMakKg

  21. Drea Alejo says:

    i love the song that comes up

  22. Saurabh Sehgal says:

    If you want to bulk up, you should Google “Atomic Max Muscle”. They will help you get the body you deserve.

  23. BiebsLoverify says:

    Thank you so much. im at that age where i care about my appearance and my hips are medium looking big. im 110 pounds and gained alot of weight over the simmer starting this tommorow.

  24. Akaliii1 says:

    Song ;3?

  25. yummyMars says:

    You didn’t look chubby in the before, but thanks for the tips

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