How To Lose Weight Fast

How To Lose Weight Fast Here are some more healthy weight loss life style tips from Durianrider & Freelee Sleep, water, sugar sufficiency must be the daily f…
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LOSE WEIGHT FASTER Lose weight faster with this amino acid. You may not be losing weight faster because you are simply missing this ingredient to your routin…
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27 Responses to How To Lose Weight Fast

  1. Udaya Fonseka says:

    If you really desire to lose pounds, you might want to Google “Avon Fat Furnace”. You are guaranteed to achieve the body you desire.

  2. Jmart423 says:


  3. EngAhmedHalem says:

    My coworkers laughed when I told them I would burn up fat with “Supreme Fat loss”, but then they saw the results. Go google “Supreme Fat loss” to see their reaction.

  4. tzuspic20 says:

    Hey there, have you discovered Swift Fat Loss? (look it up on google) You will find out about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With “Swift Fat Loss”, you will discover how to lose fat quickly.

  5. grudge702 says:

    Vegan isn’t the only way to lose weight in a healthy fashion. I’ve lost 100lbs in 1 ½ years on a healthy balanced diet and exercise. Oatmeal, salad, grilled or boiled chicken, turkey, fruits, and yogurt. With drinking water only. I’ve seen a couple of friends of mine who are vegans have a lot of health problems. Watch the fried foods, sweets and sodas, that’s all you need to do ppl.

  6. Fahd Yehia says:

    @durianriders Steve Jobs was on frutarian diet, look what it did to his pancreas. Ashton Kuthcher copied Job’s diet which caused him problems. Life is about balance not extremes. Peace

  7. TONYLOUIS100 says:


  8. dannyferrary666 says:

    Do you still have spiders

  9. viddelt says:

    Neither would your weight or muscles.

  10. swifttiga says:

    pictures of your calves lol?

  11. dublyooteeeff says:

    i like women with meat , this bitch is skinny as fuck , very unattractive

  12. Hunter Lehmann says:


  13. rob213m says:

    Should u at any point stop eating at a certain time or could u still in take carbs/cals before bed?

  14. Tam438 says:

    I definitely put on weight when I add in cooked starches, even while keeping the fat low, I don’t understand why. Falls off me though when I just eat fruit. Starches are obviously a better option than meat and dairy but I don’t think everyone’s neccessarily going to do so well with cooked starches. Just thought I’d add a different perspective…

  15. 5pecialist says:

    If you go to Lazar’s FB page, he posts ‘normal’ pics of himself at his house, without the oiling. Looks pretty legit.

  16. much2defined says:

    Avishek shah response videos are full of shit and pissing me off this “med student”

  17. ihatecarbs says:

    I will eat my macbook = I’ll eat my apple =) Thanx

  18. Valerie Goodchild says:

    I’d like to hear Freelee talk about how hard it is to get out and workout.

  19. Fallenwhun says:

    Lol youputponblast is raping you on his channel!

  20. 5pecialist says:

    Who do you think has a lower Bodyfat%: Durian or Lazar Angelov?

  21. ihatecarbs says:

    Will I still lose weight, combining rice, buckwheat,etc and fruits? Cause it becomes too expensive for fruits only in Russian winter.

  22. Doubleshot98 says:

    thank you all so much for voting for Obama. he wants to get more free benfits to blacks and other minorities. He also will give you as a woman free access to birth control and abortions if needed. Romney would of attacked a womans rights to health care and probably reverse voting rights. Obama will be on the warpath now fighting for free housing and cars for minorities with low income. He will also for hiring practices so we get equal treatment for jobs.

  23. Brett McDowell says:

    Hey Durrianrider, what do you think about the baked potato? I live in a cold winter climate and I am looking for a healthy warm meal. I eat just the baked potato plain with none of that fancy stuff. I feel it helps warm me up after spending a day out in the cold. What are your thoughts???

  24. Jill Valentine says:

    Haha lucky bastard xD

  25. Biddymc says:

    Calories are like bullets, they are not all the same.

  26. Shane Chartrand says:

    Great question.
    What I’m implying is you can take L-carnitine while using ACV or any other metabolism booster.
    example- wake up use L- CARNITINE, then with breakfast have ACV….does this help?

  27. Adnan Sheikh says:

    i dont understand didid you mean add l carnatine to apple cider vineger?

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