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  1. madushanka35 says:

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  2. boysgirls02755 says:

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  3. kameshm111 says:

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  4. M89ZY says:

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  5. Marking0ut says:

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  6. JamesBlack1506 says:

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  7. alexmerc256 says:

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  8. UFCFights11 says:

    I don’t know why anyone would follow a nutrition program that isn’t customized to their body type. Anyone who wants to lose weight should be following the “Fat Loss Customized” program..


    People are making nutrition and losing weight much more confusing than it should be. I think that program is the only one that targets the nutrition plans specifically to YOU.

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  9. DrSNS says:

    These days i’m looking forward in making a time management tutorial videos and i was hoping if you share the same interset we can present it together on youtube… 🙂 see my featured video to know what i’m talking about :).. thanks 😉

  10. PetraZombie says:

    i’ve seen a documentary film on those “diet” pills, they might help to lose weight, but did you know they are killers to your organism? How can a doctor recommend that?

  11. istofal says:

    @theKari1661 wow great job!

  12. istofal says:

    @TP0W3R its actually quit easy and it really does help.

  13. TheSecretsOfLife2011 says:

    Great vid

    Feel free to watch The Secrets Of Weight Loss on my channel.

  14. theKari1661 says:

    i do gymnastics n i followed ur tips and lost 30 pounds in 2 weeks n im really happy

  15. MBD1 says:

    @TP0W3R Eating 6 meals a day will boost your metabolism, helping you to burn more calories all day long. smaller meals are easier to digest. If you compare horses vs. Pigs. Horses are super lean because they graze all day long, and pigs are nice and fat because they eat A LOT in 1 meal.

  16. TP0W3R says:

    I don’t get how I could eat 6 small meals?????? Explain it more depth please.

  17. coreyWonderland says:

    Thanks for the GREAT tip!! I lost about 14lbs in 15 days using very similar strategy and some tips on what foods you CAN and CAN NOT eat from one ebook I bought. Sorry I can not post the address here, but if some of you want it, I can email to you. Simply email me:

  18. peterwinningmethod says:

    Who wants to Learn the Simple, Fast, and Easy Science of Weight loss?



  19. becuhlecuh says:

    what brand of green tea do you drink?

  20. KaylaSwga says:

    She is so sexy and Russian women

  21. ThaBestThing17 says:

    the way you say chicken is funny

  22. gunsnrosesareawesome says:

    ok. i know this sounds weird and like BS. but i lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks simply by drinking diet soda. i know its bad for you, but i got results by drinking a lot of soda. it filled me up and since it had no calories, i didnt gain weight from it. but i will never go on that diet again, is unhealthy. but i did work…

  23. maple158 says:

    @uretack Same fo me. But somehow i managed to lost 10kg in 6months. However, now i am starting to pig out and gain 2kg in 2weeks. 

  24. anatol13maa says:

    This is lazer targeted information. Guaranteed result within 7 day for weight loss.

  25. EmoChickRox789 says:

    he says “uh” and “um” a lot ^^
    the green tea part looks interesting…
    does playing DDR count as exercise? Because i don’t really like exercising ^^* Jumping rope counts though… right?

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