How To Lose Weight Fast | Lose 20lbs in 30 Days | Fat Burning Workout | Part 2 of 4 by HASfit 082411

Are you ready to get skinny? Lose weight fast with this fat burning workout routine at home. Use all four parts over only 30 days to lose weight fast! Visit for the workout’s instructions, more videos, free meal plans, and other health tips. for the best free workout exercise routines for men and women at home or in gym. We provide fitness programs for varying fitness levels because every heart and soul deserves to be fit. Our workout motivation page is second to none http and for more inspiration Like us at or follow at HASfit’s Guide To Losing Fat Free Top Secret Muscle and Weight Gain Diet We offer elite personal training, and boot camp Wellness, Fitness, Health Articles Health Information

How to lose weight, with some easy steps to follow! ^.^ If you’d like me to talk about a certain topic in an upcoming video just ask! InformalMantis’ Facebook page: InformalMantis’ Twitter account: InformalMantis merchandise: With the way today’s world is, it’s very easy to put on weight. This is exactly why you need to know how to lose weight as fast as you can handle. I’ve always maintained a healthy weight myself, and in my video I go over some ways you can maintain and lose weight too. In today’s society you see many people advertising a way to lose weight fast and easy at home. But the problem is that they advertise ridiculous time frames for losing large amounts of weight, such as in a week. I’ve even seen advertisements for losing large amounts of weight in 1 day / 10 days/ 1 week / 2 weeks. This can be dangerous so please don’t believe these scams. But it is possible to lose an appropriate amount of weight in these time frames healthily, as I outline in my video. Losing weight in a healthy way and at a rate as fast as you can handle is the best way. Teenagers and adults do no fall for dangerously fast weight loss scams! Watch this how to video and lose that weight fast! I hope my how to video helps you lose that undesired weight! =)
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27 Responses to How To Lose Weight Fast | Lose 20lbs in 30 Days | Fat Burning Workout | Part 2 of 4 by HASfit 082411

  1. bodmas79 says:

    Hi hi! Have you heard about – fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin got beautiful Six pack abs and lost lots of weight with it.

  2. KozakSportsPerform says:


  3. MileHighSnipes says:

    @InformalMantis been doing most of this for around 3 weeks and im seeing an improvment!

  4. streeslesh says:

    @Nottheaveragegamer14 ok

  5. InformalMantis says:

    @TheGodzgamer That’s awesome! =)

  6. AviatorXray says:

    @willis5235 get your fat ass up and run around. vote up

  7. TheGodzgamer says:

    i have lots of weights a treadmill a bicycle machine and this leg work out thing that kills your thighs so i set up my own gym in my house that i use i find it easyer to work out in the comfort of my own home no ones staring at you so you feel like your self 🙂

  8. khatereh21 says:

    @Nottheaveragegamer14 I’m in middle school too! What I’ve started to do is eating 2 fruit a day and staying away from sugar. try it for two weeks and you’ll have so much more energy than you did before, plus you’ll lose weight! 😀

  9. InformalMantis says:

    @frescabee Haha, thank you! =)

  10. frescabee says:

    your soooo cute!

  11. Nottheaveragegamer14 says:

    @ informalmantis
    Im a rabbit I eat Romaine letuss

  12. InformalMantis says:

    @Nottheaveragegamer14 It’s not about how much you eat, but what you eat.

  13. valerialish88 says:

    Hi! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Kinovelax Diet Plan (google it), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you considered Kinovelax Diet Plan? I have heard some great things about it and my cooworker lost a lot of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me 🙁

  14. ba5ch9910 says:

    Oh hey! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my auntie got detailed Six pack abs and lost lots of weight with it.

  15. MMthefeeling says:

    you look like axl from the middle

  16. Nottheaveragegamer14 says:

    Wtf I am in middle school which means more PE and harder PE . But I am gaining weight plus I eat less lunch. What do I do?

  17. InformalMantis says:

    @willis5235 Try coming up with your own routine. Gradually make it more intense as you build tolerance. =)

  18. willis5235 says:

    Hi im a 13 year old girl going to be 14 in April I have belly fat and have fat thighs i want to loose weight for one 1 i think it will make me look better and 2 because i get called fat all the time i have tried allot and i cant find anything that works what should i do ?

  19. myfriendspencer says:

    Please keep inspiring the world with your creativity and persistence.

  20. GagaLover2106 says:

    @InformalMantis Thank yu so much!

  21. InformalMantis says:

    @GagaLover2106 I hope you reach your goal! ^_^

  22. InformalMantis says:

    @CODalldayFTW Start with whatever you think you are capable of and do that. Keep increasing the intensity of your workout as you get a greater handle on exercising, and eventually you’ll burn off more than you put on.

  23. GagaLover2106 says:

    You know, I turned 13 on the 9th of Jan. I’ve gained a few pounds, and my stomach sticks out a bit… So, I’m trying to start losing weight, thanks to this video, I’m doing LOTS of crunches everyday, so I can set an example to people, be healthy, and look great. <33 THANK YOU!! You just earned another subscribe. <33
    -Julianna Nazareta- or -GagaLover2106-

  24. GagaLover2106 says:

    @CODalldayFTW Do 2000 crunches a day. It sounds like TOO many, but a Filipino Fighter I know, named, “Manny Pacquiao” does THAT many crunches EVERY day. Look how fit he is! I mean, just 10 crunches a day will help you a tiny bit! Do 100 atleast. 🙂 That helped one of my friends. She’s almost thin as me. 🙂 Good luck!

  25. CODalldayFTW says:

    I am a 13 year old boy that is FAT. Im about 5’6 5’7 and i weigh 230 pounds.. Yes i know thats a lot but most of the people i tell that to dont believe me because i have lots of muscle and thick bones.. so it doesn’t really look that way.. I would probably look a normal weight at 180… but i just cant find a workout that works for me!!!!… it seems i just get fatter and fatte every single day! I NEED HELP

  26. InformalMantis says:

    @katietclm1903 You’re welcome. =)

  27. Natalie92883 says:

    8 people are lazy!

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