HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST on a RAW FOOD DIET with the BENEFITS OF JUICING * http More FREE JUICER RECIPES to help w/ your RAW FOOD WEIGHT LOSS! 😉 POMEGRANATE JUICE with Orange Juice & Watermelon Fruit Juice * I ngredients * — 1 Seedless Watermelon (personal sized) Leave the peel ON, if organic! — 2 Oranges — 1 Pomegranate (seeds from) * P reparation * — 1) To seed the pomegranate, first score it with a knife & break it open. Next, separate the seeds (which are really seed casings called “arils”) from the peel & pulp membranes. Hint: if you do this in a bowl of water, then the seeds will sink, while the pulp will float! — 2) Slice the watermelon into large chunks that will still be able to fit through your juicer (leaving the peel ON if organic!), and slice the peel off of the oranges, but do leave a good amount of pith behind as there are a lot of nutrients in it. — 3) Then, simply run all 3 of these ingredients through your Breville juicer, or whatever the best juicer is for you. — 4) Add ice if desired, and enjoy! * I nspiration * — Krista & I are dedicating this video to crosspecans, aka Susan in Texas! She needed help in explaining to her husband exactly WHY juicing is so important & as this is a good topic for ALL of us, then what could be better than making another vid? 😉 — As we just made a fruit juice, let’s start w those benefits: First, kids AND adults are going to love at least 1 kind of fruit juice! Fruit juices energize our cells & flush cellular wastes away, loosening our Fitness with Tami Lindahl, lose weight and tone your legs just in time for summer. Fitnees tips in Santa Clarita, thinner thighs for shorts weather, work out and have fun


  1. javierg72 says:

    I add ground Flaxseed and Quinoa to my juices. How do like them apples?

  2. SherrylSaunders says:

    @Thomas212 yeah, you are totally right. Glad it worked for you, too! :))
    The diet tips on the site BestWeightLossReviewed(dot)com is a killing,
    I never thought an Internet product could do so well. 

  3. Rxsiri says:

    Dan McDonald is an amazing man on the earth . He is my inspiration to eat Raw Food.
    I believe what he says about Fruits & Veggies
    Can you dig it ? Haaaa luv it

  4. schnauzergirl43 says:

    I want to know how you can afford all this fruit and veggies it barely makes any juice haha

  5. sembaranglahify says:

    I’ve seen this new eating plan program known as DietOramy (search on google) – my great aunt said she started out using this and already burned couple of kilos, without feeling starving or weary in any way… what do you think, has any1 ever done it yet?

  6. COWBOYSALLDAY916 says:

    des guys sounds going try it:)

  7. 1ghostronin says:

    @Star11Seed You can wash the watermelon with veggie wash, its better than nothing.

  8. DJCrabCake says:

    Pseudoscience, plain and simple.

  9. siborrokokokk says:

    What about DietOramy dietary regimen? Have you seen this? I have spotted it at random on Google and that solution is just incredible… Now I am reducing my extra unwanted weight as well as beginning to feel in top condition.

  10. imagine842 says:

    Love that ending

  11. bellaz22 says:

    is their a limitation of fruit per day you can juice ?? or its unlimited?

  12. Star11Seed says:

    What about the watermelon rhine? If its not organic , I haven’t found anyone with organic watermelon before.

  13. 4daGangas says:

    What’s with all the people and there google diets lol? Go raw brothers , day 30 of my juice fasting and I’m down 16 kgs and feel alive!!

  14. antoniette136 says:

    @taylor77 Yes, I agree. In a short time I started to feel the good results. I am also using the same diet program suggested by the site WeightLossAction.Info .

  15. JamesBlack1506 says:

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  16. ericsbrewski says:

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  17. ericsbrewski says:

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  18. samreench12 says:

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  21. zoperstar says:

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  22. TheAmericanOriginal says:

    @feelnopainmusic3 And it sounds like you werent quite computing it LOL

  23. TheAmericanOriginal says:

    @feelnopainmusic3 I do know it was fake and pretend

  24. feelnopainmusic3 says:

    @TheAmericanOriginal How do you know he’s not being Dan? Gansta Lingo? And how do you figure that is gangsta lingo? Smh

  25. sameera5212 says:

    Holla! Have you tried cleverous 402 diet (do a search on google)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cooworker lost a lot of weight with it.

  26. tamilindahl1 says:

    @johntied you can’t make abs in the weight room… but you can make them in the kitchen! great abs are all about what you eat…THAT”S the only magic that works 🙂

  27. 903catalin says:

    is very very beautiful

  28. johntied says:

    Alright there! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (google it)? Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy got ripped 6 pack abs and lost lots of weight with it.

  29. tamilindahl1 says:

    @Dadadadumify lunges, squats and those stairs arn’t a bad idea either but its gonna be about what you eat mostly…

  30. tamilindahl1 says:

    no … I mean flights of stairs … my client was the one filming and she never did more than 4, hence the laughter!! :))

  31. TippetyWhip says:

    By “three or four, or 8 or 9, or possibly 10,” I assume you mean individual stairs, not the entire staircase… 😀

  32. Dadadadumify says:

    What kind of excercising is best for someone who wants toned legs with nooooo fat at all in about 6months?

  33. M89ZY says:

    @amydavisx Awesome video! Check out more Quick ways to lose weight techniques here

  34. tamilindahl1 says:

    @amydavisx I here one too and I don’t have one…it’s that super high tech camera (lol) that I used… thanks 🙂

  35. HowToLoseWeightTV says:


    Video, very helpful.

  36. Teddiemaker99 says:

    very good it helped me!!!!!!!! 🙂

  37. amydavisx says:

    i heaar a lissssp;)

  38. tamilindahl1 says:


  39. semoo4916 says:


  40. 0699jessica says:

    This is really good! thankyou soo much:”D

  41. tamilindahl1 says:

    Thanks for commenting Tinkerella, but that’s not entirley true. When you build lean mucsles your body burns more calories 24/7… and you won’t get big muscles if you are a female and not lifting heavy weights. You have to be in the gym pushing heaviy weights for a long time before they actually get bigger. a few lunges or squats won’t do it. That said, if you experience a little muscle growth it’s just a little swollen from all the blood pumped in… it will go down.

  42. TheTinkkerella says:

    Strength training/resistance will make your thighs bigger because you build muscle. Most women don’t want bigger thighs so cardio would be best.

  43. SamHain1031666 says:

    @juliafireflyygurl Depends how fat your legs are lol

  44. juliafireflyygurl says:

    how long till i see results? please write back

  45. cookiemonnster115 says:


  46. TheLolz654 says:

    Thx :)

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