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15 Responses to How To Lose Weight Fast – Weight Loss Pills – Alli Diet Pills Reviewed – Appetite Suppressant

  1. yeahitsbatman says:

    @Three1Bravo Yes you can do this… it workers even faster this way… I have used a small amount of juice… because the taste isnt pretty in water. (but it works well to do this) Thanks for your question… it was a good one.

  2. Three1Bravo says:

    i have trouble swallowing pills, can i pop open the time capsule pills and drink it with water? i am going to try the Thermolene.

  3. maryjohnson51404 says:

    very informative video

  4. andrewdrivesdasey says:

    dont personally like the alli

  5. formulajojo says:

    hey love the thermolene product guys, works great for me

  6. davisdaughter says:

    your soooo cute!! and i love your product

  7. seafoodinship43589 says:

    Yeah…alli made me go to the restroom to much as well…ima try thermolene

  8. divadonney says:

    I personally prefer thermolen over alli, alli just made me go to the bathroom to much…not fun

  9. yeahitsbatman says:

    @JoshuasMommy112008 Yes women can for sure take Thermolene and get great results.

  10. yeahitsbatman says:

    Thermolene doesn’t work in the same way Alli does. It boost energy levels and helps your body burn more fat naturally.

  11. proxymary says:

    Alli gave me a bad case of the drips dude….is thermolene going to do that?

  12. stormyherione says:

    Hey casey…it was nice to be able to chat with you last week. Thank you very much for your product. I have lost 3 lbs already and its only been a week.

  13. JoshuasMommy112008 says:

    can women take Thermolene?

  14. yeahitsbatman says:

    Just go slow with it… and let your body tell you what it thinks you know!

    Best Regards,

  15. sxyflgrl says:

    hey I just got the Alli Diet I am afraid to take the pills because Of what may happen. should I be afraid I a ready got stuff to do a low fat and start working out. shoudl I be afraid?

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