So I’ve gotten a lot of requests from mostly close friends of mine to do a video on my “diet” which helped me lose a total of 90 pounds! I finally got around to it and here it is! I hope this somewhat helps you get started and for you to reach your goal weight! If you have anymore questions don’t be shy and ask away 😉 I’m here to help xoxo Gab
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  1. CakeFudge says:

    this did give me some motivation thank you <3 so how much do you weigh now and how did u get your arms to be tonned ??? hope u answer this !

  2. SteffffAngeles says:

    what’s your Tumblr?
    I know I’m following you, but I can’t find you.

    you did an amazing job. and I enjoy your videos a lot 🙂

  3. valerialish88 says:

    Hello there! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Kinovelax Diet Plan (google it), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you thought about Kinovelax Diet Plan? I’ve heard some unbelivable things about it and my buddy lost lots of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me 🙁

  4. omfern says:

    I’d take the old you over the new you, anytime. But who the hell cares about looks?

  5. MusicalPassion007 says:

    I wouldn’t really say you “made up” that “diet”. That seems to be a pretty standard healthy way of living. Congrats on the loss, though. Losing 90 lbs is an awesome accomplishment!

  6. myfriendspencer says:

    Do not let up. You are on a roll. Your comments and shots are great. Keep them coming please.

  7. TheAngiezone says:

    Hello dear friend! thanks for u aportation, im a Mexican girl and im ALWAYS THE FUNNY FAT GIRL in the school, so now i will be thin like you, thanks for HELP ME on this change!
    Tomorrow in the morning im gonna star eatting better, and i walk every day 1 hr 🙂

    Sorry my bad english!

    and congratulations for be the decided girl than u are!


  8. sergman2201 says:

    You are very hot

  9. M89ZY says:

    @annaanoxia Awesome video! Check out more fastest way to lose belly fat techniques here
    tinyurl@com/Quick-ways-of-loosing-weight 🙂

  10. preciousjess1985 says:

    Did u weight urself everyday? Did the weighr came off fast ? ;p thank u

  11. MrViollier says:

    I see you’re having issues with lose weight fast. This will help – tinyurl (dot) com/bestdietsolutionprogramever 🙂

  12. MrViollier says:

    I see you’re having issues with lose weight fast. This will help –

  13. chocolaterox28 says:

    about how many calories did u eat per day?

  14. Graenelolz says:

    Didn’t it kinda de-stretch your skin or something? I mean, I see a lot of people losing fat but then they still have that type of abundant skin. I’m not sure, because the people I saw had surgeries to lose fat.
    Great job by the way,90 pounds is amazing. Speaking as a guy, who’s not even able to lose 2 pounds =)

  15. GabeeVictoria says:

    @annaanoxia Thank you xoxo

  16. annaanoxia says:

    saw the tumblr pic, you actually look a bit too skinny in the after.. ): i mean there’s nothing wrong w/ that but do you get exercise & such to build muscle.. & you have a decent amount of fat on you? i mean, you could have skinny genetics, just not eating right blotted that out, idk. you did amazing, though, congratulations. 🙂 ♥

  17. Ineeee says:

    I like you and this video. I’m glad someone showed girls it IS possible to lose weight by EATING right, instead of NOT eating. I should get on this now, cause I regained the weight I had lost a couple of years ago. I lost around 40 pounds in like… 4 months. And all I did was eat right and excercise! So yeah, I’ll do it again!

  18. beautifulswift7 says:

    You’re an inspiration 🙂

  19. UtaKataFan13 says:

    Did you exercise? Or did you only cut down on calories to lose all that weight?
    Also, you look amazing! Good Job! 🙂

  20. buffy1rox says:

    Great job! you’re so inspiring 🙂 what do you recommend to eat as a vegetarian?

  21. taylaaaaaax says:

    & 0:48 gone !

  22. taylaaaaaax says:

    0:43 wait, whatt?

  23. Esaldana1215 says:

    wait ~ just read your comments below lol and I saw you are from Miami! What part?? I was raised in Kendall and Homestead then moved to Little Havana and Downtown MIA!!

  24. Esaldana1215 says:

    Quick question: are you from Miami and what do you do when you go to restaurants?

  25. HallowzRUs says:

    Hey Gabee! Don’t go away. You’re a true artist. Please stay on top. You go girl! You rule everything around you. You’re the master of the earth.

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