How To Lose Weight Quick – Lose 20 Pounds Fast! – How to Lose Weight Fast! Give me one minute of your time and I will share with you a method that can help you lose 10-20 pounds extremely EASY! No – I’m not here to sell you a magic pill or the latest weight loss secret. The simple truth is that there is no “big secret” to losing weight, but you do need to have the mindset for it. In other words, your desire to lose weight has to be stronger than your desire to eat. What I’m sharing with you here today will help you cut your daily food intake in half! Do this starting today Drink 10 to 20 ounces of water right before each meal – right before eating. By drinking water before each meal, you will feel the need to eat less – which will help you lose weight quickly! We know this tip alone will definitely help you lose weight and improve your looks and health…. But did you know that there’s a report with info that can help you lose 20+ pound in 30 days – and keep them off for good? Did you know that there is a report that can help you lose 20 pound fast and keep it off? The “Slimmer Than Ever” report help me lose 62 pounds, The great thing is that I learned how to keep them off and have kept them off for over 3 years! Just visit the website below for complete details. 30 days from now — you will be glad you did!
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24 Responses to How To Lose Weight Quick – Lose 20 Pounds Fast!

  1. ELFRIEDAOYERhj says:

    Be Happy with Asian bride **

  2. LoseWeightNow1 says:

    nice video =) check out more weight loss tips on my channel!

  3. hanynits4621 says:

    wat is that song called 9:25.. does anybody knws???? like it….

  4. DarreccShmarick says:


  5. chriscougar86 says:


    eating before bed is a big no no. which is hard to do when you work a 2nd shift and get home and just want to eat and go to bed.

  6. lopez1791 says:

    you have inspired me to actually believe its possible to lose weight 🙂

  7. parkerlove2007 says:

    i admire your courage!!!

  8. tiredamerican says:

    @mastayuzen eat less food

  9. tiredamerican says:

    @SPIDEERMAAN eat less food.

  10. icpphamily says:

    wow! go girl you are looking good

  11. toohotnicegirl says:

    Have you dreamed to be slim and sexy ? Well dream no more, Get Free trial of our new diet supplement and start seeing results in few days ! See my profile for more.

  12. toohotnicegirl says:

    Cool. Free diet avaiable ! Check my profile for more details.

  13. Taeyang101 says:


  14. nette626 says:

    I was wondering why its bad to loose more than 2 pounds a week? and if we do, why would we gain it back fast? How much pounds is it okay to loose in a week?

  15. pyrokid93 says:

    just keep pushing it – stay consistent – eat right – stay motivated.
    Dont over work yourself
    but burn the calories you need to burn.

  16. SPIDEERMAAN says:

    i have 81 – 91 pounds to lose..
    and i sorta need to lose it within 6 months..
    working out for 1 – 2 hours everyday and eating properly ..
    would that help ?

  17. yagi6993 says:

    Losing more than 2 pounds a week is bad for you. Plus you’ll gain it all back really fast. The best thing to do is eat a big breakfast, nibble throughout the day on healthy things (cheese, fruit, veggies, nuts), get 45 minutes of aerobic exercise daily, drink lots of water, don’t eat for 3 hours before bed, and get lots of rest. 🙂 good luck!


    lol ur cute! 🙂

  19. mastayuzen says: me..i got to lose 30 pounds in 35 days more..starting from tomorrow…do u guyz hav any tips?

  20. 4GodRU says:

    Thanks for the videos I have over a 100lbs to loose

  21. newlife19 says:

    Why the hot iron boxes always in videos ?

  22. 5h4rdchie says:

    Good . But I lost over 30 lb in one month using weight loss plan from LSWEIGHT(.)INFO

    yea i wanted fast fat weight loss for the summer wearing t-shrits and stuff getting the pills would definiatly speed things up rihgt?

  23. fatty2slim says:

    Subscribing is totally free

  24. Sabrinuhh says:

    question do u pay to subscribe ? lol this is random but jus wondering

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