How to make low fat Tacos ! ( Quick Recipe, Vegetarian Style, Weight Loss Tips )

Quick low fat vegetarian taco recipe. I whipped up these tacos tonight they were delicious. If you liked this healthy re…
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25 Responses to How to make low fat Tacos ! ( Quick Recipe, Vegetarian Style, Weight Loss Tips )

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  5. Patricia Lippincott says:

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  6. chickyfinn says:

    Looks good. I ate too much Taco Bell when I was your age.

  7. vidgirl4444 says:

    thank you for replying! It looks REALLY YUMMY I’m going to try and make it 🙂

  8. GetFitGamer says:

    I believe it would be vegan safe, I don’t know what type of animal products could be in seasoning.

  9. vidgirl4444 says:

    taco mix is that vegan safe?

  10. tapos das says:

    Very good video! btw my friend used this top diet program known as: Fat 360 Nuke and dropped 16 pounds within a month. I don’t remember the actual web site just Google it.

  11. hugh705 says:

    Iceberg lettuce is not very good for you.

  12. GetFitGamer says:

    i was crossing my fingers you wouldn’t watch.

  13. MahaNomi says:

    Microwave.. NOOOOOOOO : )

  14. ShawnCorytube says:

    Nice Job! You just need some ghost chili in them things dude! 

  15. Thedailydiet says:

    yummm I am going to make these

  16. LOLUMAD725 says:

    Lol you cook better than my girlfriend.

  17. krazyche3to says:

    Doesn’t that powdery seasoning have MSG in it?? I quit eating them after I read that in mine.

  18. TmakesV says:

    mmmmmm :D

  19. GetFitGamer says:

    I will document more of my food recipes for sure over the next few months.

  20. GetFitGamer says:

    awesome 😀
    Ty for tuning in.

  21. GetFitGamer says:

    I only like tomatos with other things. They don’t bother me but alone, I don’t like.
    Ty for watching as always.

  22. GetFitGamer says:

    sorry, ill save you a taco

  23. GetFitGamer says:

    @ScottLewisGamingBlog hehe, yep ortega.
    Would’nt be a fast dinner if I had to make taco shells.
    Ty for watching.

  24. GetFitGamer says:

    taco taco taco 😀

  25. GetFitGamer says:

    Ty for watching.

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