How To Raw Green Juice Recipe For Weight Loss and Detox

This video is about how to make a simple green juice. In this recipes you will need 3 simple Ingredients 1 bunch of dandelions greens, 1 cucumber, 3 apples, …
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12 Responses to How To Raw Green Juice Recipe For Weight Loss and Detox

  1. rawcrave says:

    Hello, I saw some dandelion tea in the health food store. Breaking out the juicer is a good thing. Thanks for subbing 🙂

  2. MrEZCooking says:

    Hi Pamela! I found your channel as a suggestion when I subd at Mokobrownvegan! I LOVE this juice recipe! I eat dandelion all the time and in NYC where I am from it’s a fav tea of Italians! I subbed your channel! Looks like it’s time to break out my juicer again!

  3. rawcrave says:

    Let me know what you think =)

  4. rawcrave says:

    It does sound yummy, I will try it, but today I am going to make your carrot, orange and coconut juice. I can’t wait to taste it. I will do a video. Thanks for sharing. <3

  5. Nosaltypeanut says:

    I use spinach, apples, cucumbers, ginger and lemon. It’s delicious. Sometimes I’ll add fennel to it and it gives it a little peppermint taste.

  6. rawcrave says:

    It was a mild tasting green juice.

  7. DreamWizard9 says:

    Seems so yummy! 🙂

  8. rawcrave says:

    Thanks. It was good

  9. Kefa BenY'Israel says:

    Will do!


  10. Sarah Creighton says:


  11. rawcrave says:

    It is very simple and affordable to make. This will be a staple. I like it this way but if you are new to juicing feel free to add more apples and use a nice size cucumber. Let me know what you think about it <3

  12. Kefa BenY'Israel says:

    That looks like pure Chlorophyll lol! I gotta try this.
    I might add sum kale .

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