How to stay on a diet – Tips on how to diet and lose weight How to stay on a diet – Tips on how to diet and lose weight Do you find it hard to stay on a diet? You’re on, you’re off, and you never really lose the weight. Yeah, us too. Here are some practical ways to keep you on track from Shape magazine’s Trisha Calvo. Keywords: how to diet how to stay on a diet
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  1. stephiixoxox says:

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  2. ORENGEcarot says:

    eat by calories !!!!! thats what i do !!! eat less than 1600 calories and im 100% sure that you will lose more than 5 Kg in 2 weeks !!!! i know its hard but try it for 2 weeks and see !!!!

  3. SherrylSaunders says:

    @Thomas212 yeah, you are totally right. Glad it worked for you, too! :))
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  4. atlzdreamboy4eva says:

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  5. ivanmanic7 says:

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  6. TheMightyOdin says:

    I agree and disagree with a lot of this video.

  7. nzr00853 says:

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  9. JayAr61 says:

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  10. fieldy409 says:

    lol 90% of the comments are spam for stupid pills!

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  12. TheLalalameow says:

    17 people can’t stay on a diet…

  13. TamekaBurch says:

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  14. NataleaChannel says:

    diet for aneroxians :D

  15. drclivingston says:

    this video was amazing!! Loved it!

  16. dlinyj1 says:

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  18. Jojonazif says:

    Health tips 🙂

  19. xfateman says:

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  20. Istebrak says:

    thats so true about slow eating. sometimes i just give it a shot and say, hey let me stop here. i stop eating and keep watching my show or reading, and then im full and i dont know it. an hour later i look at myplate and theres still food on it.

    its so true, eat slowly, u actually eat way less than u think u do.

  21. ECashMr says:

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