I DID IT!! Watch Me Shrink! 40lb weight loss – Before and After

How I lost the weight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADSkWIRUSVs How I lost the weight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcUsUZz5QKA Watch Me Shrink / Weight …

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48 Responses to I DID IT!! Watch Me Shrink! 40lb weight loss – Before and After

  1. Smile2DayTears2Morro says:

    Yes :o)

  2. Smile2DayTears2Morro says:

    It all went at the same time :0)

  3. Smile2DayTears2Morro says:

    35 :o)

  4. omgitsbrooke1 says:

    WOW this video is so inspiring. You have an amazing personality and I love your booty loL It is a blessing!!! You are soooo beautiful and thank u for uploading such a motivating well thought video. God bless <3<3<3 Never stop being u

  5. cityofnopity2 says:

    Would of married ya before or after! 😉

  6. LauraLouise5 says:

    Congrats you’ve done so well! I don’t know pounds, I work in kilos, do you know how much you weigh and how much you lost in kilos?

  7. bluewren R says:

    This is the best video on losing weight bar none.Congratulations Amy you are the best.

  8. jasonfdds says:

    CONGRADULATIONS Little Lady! You have just inspired me to video myself as well, get myself back to where i was 200 pounds. I am currently at 330 pounds, i will start Monday, November 14, 2011 and my date for my goal will be Thursday, June 21, 2012. Thank you for this, you have helped me. Its time for a brother to get it RIGHT…….Get some sleep too…..nice side shot.

  9. crosbyluvya says:

    wow that’s amazing!

  10. dennalilly says:

    “See that? That’s a FAT ROLL.” XD

  11. sraphael says:

    I’m 5 foot 2 and I weigh 135lbs, wanting to be 110lbs (50kg) I didn’t feel this was unreasonable until I saw that many people’s goal weight is around what I’m at now. Is this goal unreasonable?

  12. lookinghotsoon says:

    Good job! Im trying to do the same

  13. MsTinyapple says:

    How did u do it

  14. Amber J says:

    you lost loadss of weight ! well done. 🙂

  15. shanu454 says:

    well done..

  16. Filosophike Campoverde says:

    how long exactly did you take to get to your goal?

  17. Dijthetruth says:


  18. yonidarha says:

    So motivated !!!

  19. SugarMama9999 says:

    so inspiring!! CONGRATZ!
    my goal is to lose 25-30 pounds :/ right now im 154
    uve motivated me sooo much !!

  20. Linncha says:

    grats from norway 😀 you look amazing:D

  21. liutiancaii says:

    holly shit, can i honestly say that you are AMAZING
    (no offense/arrogance intended) i’m smaller than what you were (but still not happy with myself!) so if you can have that stunning figure so can i!

  22. msturi01 says:

    Wow….this definitely a motivator!!! I started my weight loss journey on 8/15/2011 and I’ve lost 6lbs and today is 8/29/2011. My goal is to lose 100lbs and I pray that I can do it as sucessfully as you did with your 45+lbs. You did it the healthy way which is awesome!!!! I’m documenting my progress as well via video. I’m not weighing in every week and recording every week. I’m going to do my progress videos every two months so I don’t get discouraged. Thank you so much for these videos!!!

  23. Helen Bisrat says:

    Thanks so much for the motivation, its weird if feel like you been there more for me then my family and friends during my weight loss, I’ve watching your videos countless times. I went from 198 to currently 140, I think once I hit my goal of 130 I’ll be singing Dora also=D Thanks for the videos means a lot for us!=)

  24. Omar Saleh says:

    Nice seeing that, I myself lost 50 lbs in 6 months ,first I was vegan for 5 months and then raw for a month ..no games no gimmicks !

  25. DestinyLuvely says:

    U Got Me Motivated! But I Dont Wanna Lose My Boobies “/

  26. shika coco says:

    elo..which medicine to lose weight fast plzzz tel me

  27. PostGradRA says:

    Thx for the inspirational video. I can appreciate how hard it is for ppl to lose weight and stay fit. I’m battling the very same struggle myself everyday. I have just recently made it to 78 Kg down from 110 kg.
    Its all hard work, persistance, no short cuts, no drugs, no gimmicks.

  28. MrAUFANATIC says:

    the girl @ 2:39 omg…i want her number… she looks like a model!!!! ugh dammit

  29. traceur4God says:

    Shocking fotoshop transformation pictures

  30. StormyRobbins says:

    The girl at 2:06 wasn’t fat……

  31. MyLifeIsUnperfect says:

    It’s not hard to lose weight.. look at the vids on my channel… I lost 13 pounds in 3weeks.. You just have to know what you are doing.. You will have to just stick in there and be dedicated.. no excuses!!!’

  32. fithealthyalive says:

    Hey Everyone!,

    Well (in a matter of 46 days) after losing 70 pounds

    right before my wedding I feel so much healthier.

    If interested on how and what I used to accomplish

    this check out the link in my profile.

  33. USkillcam says:


  34. DemonicSeal says:

    132 gained all the weight back :”( and no they didn’t become cocky bastards afterwards, they simply gained confidence :3

  35. Dycembur says:

    Man People are Jerks! Anyone who has done what they have has EVERY RIGHT to feel AWESOME about themselves. People who shun them for showing the world what they have done are super a#$%es. What is there NOT to Like about the massive amount of work these People have done? and weight loss they people have Achived??? It is the hardest thing to retrain yourself and your body and your Mind. Keeping motivated and positive..but they have done it! Wonderful and Congratulations.

  36. thebakerman1 says:

    “Uhm, from an overweight Mom to a hooker.? Something is majorly wrong here”

    Many of these people who lose a lot of weight, or even work-out to the point they build a lot of muscle, turn into complete douche-bags for some reason when they reach a certain point.

    It’s like there’s a choice to make here. Either be larger and be a really nice person or lose all the weight or even develop muscles and become a real a-hole.

    Doesn’t always happen but it sure happens A LOT to many people.

  37. Munchykin1 says:

    Well done!!!n:D

  38. Jeskers18 says:

    Lol true. But it’s self confidence. I mean, when you lose that much weight, it’s an amazing feeling. It feels like you have your life back.

  39. improvethefoodorg says:

    Don’t spend your money on junk products to lose weight. Four simple steps, FREE for the taking, no strings attached. The same steps the physicians at obesity clinics use. Don’t waste your hard earned money. You don’t go hungry. You just follow four rules and that’s all.

  40. Eggy Moo Moo says:

    2:00 Uhm, from an overweight Mom to a hooker.? Something is majorly wrong here .

  41. jstbnme1 says:

    This is a blessing to see this.. Thank..

  42. MyNameMeansSong says:

    the guy at 0:58 looks geek before & after

  43. Weightloss1295 says:

    1:25 OMFG!! 

  44. Rio Zemmy says:

    Oh hey! Have you thought about intellectus 424 diet (just google it)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my work buddy lost a ton of weight with it.

  45. fmacoful says:

    they are all amazing and inspiring.

    Thank for nice vid. ^^

  46. weightlosstips69 says:


  47. Matt Rolling says:

    Research the “fat loss customized” program by Kyle Leon.


    And if you’re serious about losing weight, stop wasting your time watching videos on YouTube that are full of conflicting information. About 95% of the weight loss videos on here are useless. Stop confusing yourself.

    That F.L.C program is by far the best I’ve seen and I’m a certified personal trainer.

  48. Sandesh Rai says:

    for fat people too?

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