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  1. Melissa Fox says:

    So sad to hear about your sex addition recovery.

  2. player5226 says:

    can a raw food diet stop your addiction to videogames? especially mahvel? because always it ends up in mahvel, everytime!!! HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  3. extraordinaryo91 says:

    Wow i am completely blown away by you. I love your channel!

  4. bellavista7 says:

    welcome. ^^

  5. mrandisheh says:

    once the light is in..thats it!

  6. Lythya says:

    or self control. Either way foods or religion is just another way of exercising the power you hold within to take charge of your life and body.

  7. Thei9Ways says:

    You can overcome all of this through Jesus

  8. naturefreedomlove says:

    What was the name of that book you read where you talk about.
    I am now 100% raw and lot’s of emotions are coming and going… what is that? I sthat normal? It’s like al the emotions I hide for al those years are coming up and now I deed to deal whit them… but it is hard sometimes and then I think raw doesn’t work… but I keep fighting and I stay 100% raw because something inside of me tells me it is my way to go.

  9. eatingfromthetree X says:

    Salvation does not come from the external, but instead it comes from the internal. What Am I Doing to cause this to be…. What the I AM puts in, is what the I AM produces…. and that ain’t no Jesus, thats you

  10. SaNbLuXoN says:


  11. Phil Moufarrege says:

    what’s this nonsense about “if you’re a warrior you wont’ want to eat oranges, eat crappy dead food”. what are you talking about? the world’s most powerful warriors were the ones on the cleanest foods. the gladiators and the spartans: vegans, and their fuel was barley grains. i’m not convinced by your “oh eating food that causes disease isn’t bad or wrong” that doesn’t even make sense.

  12. jesse14thsimmons says:

    Yeah! Now tell how does one get over a FreeLea addiction? Woooooooooo! Wait! I don’t want too!

  13. natsbetter says:

    Dan were you in the Nickelback video “rock star”? have you had this question before?

  14. ashleyronelle says:

    Thank you for your commitment. Through you, Jesus has begun to change my life. I cannot wait for Sophia and you to open your home for a retreat. I hope to be one of the first one the list<3

  15. kwiksmile says:

    Dan, it is so, so good to hear you feeling more solid about yourself, and enjoying your good loving intentions toward all others. Love what you said about the intelligent ones that can really send hurtful remarks to our core because they use their intelligence to know exactly where to aim their arrows. That does not mean their opinions are sound. It takes balance to be able to sort helpful suggestions from the rest, while maintaining focus on your goals. Good work Dan. So restful to hear you.

  16. satyn bulchandani says:

    which drugs did you do when you were on drugs or an addict?

  17. lynnej1970 says:

    : )

  18. vasgeorge says:

    what sex has to do with alcohol and drugs you FUCKING RETARDED MORON?. go kill yourself you stupid retard

  19. Jeff Wilson says:

    Dan -Can you do a video on dealing or curing skin cancer?..It’s a common thing that millions of people have..I have a basil cell tumor that I can easily get cut out, but I’d rather try to disolve it naturally..Please help…Thanks!..Jeff

  20. Lidiainwonderland says:

    Hi Dan
    Big fan here. I’ve enjoyed witnessing your journey thus far and look forward to seeing more. I have some specific questions, and could really use your help. What’s the best way to reach you? Email? Facebook? Here?

  21. dionstrezlecki says:

    Same thing essentially.

  22. kwiksmile says:

    Dan, will have to listen to the rest of this later; have to stop at 10 min. because I want to go feed my mom. I look fwd to hearing the rest of this interview later. Fascinating so far.

  23. TracyM1974 says:

    Thanks so much bellavista7 : )

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