Is a Costco membership worth it on a whole foods diet? See how purchasing a Costco membership can pay for itself for those feeding their family a whole foods diet. Robyn from will show you what she buys at Costco each week and how she gets her moneys worth from her yearly membership fee by purchasing quality fruits and vegetables and other whole foods items at Costco.

25 Responses to Is a Costco membership worth it on a whole foods diet?

  1. bethmariew says:

    Thanks, this video is spot on´╗┐ even two years later! The pineapple are almost always $2.00 less than retail. Prep it and freeze it for smoothies. ­čÖé

  2. tehatemachine says:

    @Aeisree not every tiem though that costs more is more durable than others. I look and mix and match for durability and a good price. And costco seems to have done more than satisfied me with that. Especially their kirkland T shirts, It’s around 15 for a pack of 4 black Tshirts, and 20 dollars for a pack of 6 white T shirts. They are one of the most comfortable T shirts i have ever worn and where a steal per item that comes with it (about 4 dollars per black T and 3 for each´╗┐ White T)

  3. tehatemachine says:

    @Aeisree It´╗┐ actually is depending on what items you buy, Not everything they sell is the cheapest but most of what they sell though is top notch. When i buy products. I’m not just looking for how cheap it is primarily, I am looking for affordable items but i’m also looking for something that is sturdy and that will last a long time. Because when you think about it Products that last longer but are reasonably more expensive than other lower cost items are cheaper in the long run.

  4. tehatemachine says:

    @loymonteiro What’s wrong with that? You will have superpowers after! ´╗┐

  5. mamake2011 says:

    I tried many of the points described here, but I need to say that nothing compares´╗┐ to DietOramy dieting program concerning health and fitness and extra pounds reduction – search google, there is large quantities of no cost info…

  6. BrennendeDerErde says:

    @liesehaley Certain Costcos now carry Kirkland brand rice milk. I just saw it two´╗┐ days ago

  7. 2012RAWVEGAN says:

    Hey you forgot´╗┐ dates and nuts!

  8. Aeisree says:

    I find that Costco IS NOT CHEAP´╗┐ even with the high cost for membership. I get my food cheaper at FRY’S. Furthermore, our groceries and clothing are handed to us in aweful boxes, while the $1 store gives us bags. Will not renew my membership.

  9. holisticeating says:

    Costco does sell some organic products. The ones she mention are not. Costco carries organic carrots, organic quinoa, organic tomato paste, smart water, organic strawberry jam, almond butter, lara bars and a few others. Of course, the products vary a little depending on location. I’ve watched some of´╗┐ her other videos and she mentions that the studies that were made on eating greens were made on conventional produce however, is not only the pesticide, herbicides, etc. that is of much concern but

  10. liesehaley says:

    hey! where’d´╗┐ you get the rice milk? i’ve not seen it at mine…lol

  11. Rubystars1000 says:

    Thanks for the´╗┐ tips

  12. NWforager says:

    Folks . Some of the Best Tasting and Healthiest produce´╗┐ are Irregular shaped fruits and Veg . You will Never find them at Costco or Walmart .

  13. fredhassen says:

    Yeah, I just got my Costco membership and´╗┐ it’s great! Awesome videos!

  14. lyndaraven says:


  15. lusterwings says:

    @loymonteiro Monsanto controls the food supply as I hear it, and they are using all gmo foods now days. I think it’s a big concern to our health when we have to pop vitamins in order to get the vitamins we need. We should be getting it from our diet instead, and if not then something drastic has to´╗┐ be done to change it.

  16. lusterwings says:

    I like´╗┐ that you use rice dream instead of soy! Soy is so unhealthy, we’ve all been tricked.

  17. MsSweetPuppy says:

    Hi, I wanted to know if frozen fruit loses any of it’s vitamins being frozen´╗┐ as pasturized juice has? I always wondered that. I’m wondering if the freezing of the fruit changes the enzymes in any way. thanks

  18. whatevermj says:

    it´╗┐ drives me nuts how she blinks so slowly

  19. dmps91 says:

    I too have a costco membership for years not and have transition myself from buying most of my food there to health food stores and trader joes. the food from costco are not organic. The gas at Von’s supermarket often give costco gas price a run for their money. Lately the´╗┐ only thing i get at costco now is the large distill vinegar at costco so now I am thinking of canceling my membership.

  20. markpianoman says:

    Infrequently I return some produce back to Costco…and they never give me any hassle about returning anything. I love the 3 lb frozen bag of organic blueberries….I use´╗┐ them in my smoothie too.

  21. luckydirtbag says:

    @loymonteiro Ummm… some vegetables have a very long shelf life. Romaine, kale and cabbage are 3 that I can think of off the´╗┐ top of my head.

  22. notme1847 says:

    Re: $100 Costco membership. It’s $100 if you get the membership that pays you back´╗┐ 5% of your spending. It’s totally worth it to people that spend a whole lot at Costco every year. ­čÖé

  23. SU2340 says:

    Just wondering if this food is´╗┐ organic?

  24. TomScholfield says:

    Do they have organic products?´╗┐

  25. redirises says:

    they have agave at my costco, it was 50% less expensive than at´╗┐ my health food store.

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