Kris Carr on Crazy, Sexy Cancer, Food, Mindset and Life

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6 Responses to Kris Carr on Crazy, Sexy Cancer, Food, Mindset and Life

  1. Daniel Jo Nell Shaw says:

    Oh I needed this interview, I will share it with everyone. Here’s to healing.

  2. adanon1 says:

    I LOVED IT . . thanks to both of you

  3. Emily Perry says:

    <3 great interview! I always cherish what you both have to offer!

  4. nardellable says:

    Thanks for this honest & moving talk. Kris, I found your work a few months ago & have been inspired by your story. I can only imagine the darkness of those early days, when you felt alone & before this mission took shape. It’s like the cancer woke something tremendous in you, but even more remarkable – you didn’t waste that woken thing. You used it to change your life and now the world. I admire that so, and I’m cheering for you.

    Jonathan – I love this project and thank you for all you do!

  5. Moniker912 says:

    Eureka moments whoo!

  6. Susan Shannon says:

    Always so relatable, you ask the best questions Jonathan. Kris Carr exudes peace and elegance and fun; can’t help but be inspired and motivated. I have tinnitus too, btw (would be interesting to hear/read how you cope with that during meditation; for me, I try to quite the mind but the silence roars).

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