I love the heart in this guy. Forcing himself to eat to reach his macro goals. Let that inspire the rest of the skinny guys out there, including myself. INTRO and OUTRO by my boy YouCantDenySkill. Tags: healthy nutrition diet six pack abs delicious tasty food how to make cook muscle protein carbs calories cutting bulking team3d tmw twinmuscleworkout lean lose belly fat get big build weight gain fitness biceps workout triceps Arnold Schwarzenegger phil heath jay cutler Ronnie coleman frank zane zyzz chest huge pump workout home training mass fast 6packabs
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  1. patronizeyouforfun says:

    What is Matt’s channel

  2. dreamrealms says:

    I am so disgusted with the all the stupid ADS on youtube! wtf happened, it used to be nice and COMMERCIAL FREE- THATS WHY I DON’T WATCH TV I HATE THE ADS! PLEASE GET RID OF THEM!

  3. MegaTranquilla says:

    Really? He looks way heavier. He must be pretty short then?

  4. kickdfs says:

    I’m 5’10 127 pounds so Matt inspires me! how tall is he btw? Great channel keep doing work son!

  5. jbeta84 says:

    I didn’t know he was so light.

  6. Johnthepyro932 says:

    tell him to drink his carbs!!!!! Blend up some rolled oats in a shake and throw a ton of fruit in it! and a scoop a protein. BAM meal replacement with alot of carbs and he prob. wont have to force it down either

  7. DeusPsycho says:

    Eating right now, and it’s 3AM

  8. RemoteControlRabbit says:

    so then why are you asking if its okay?

  9. 777LightSeeker says:

    Is it ok to only count calories and proteins? as long as you eat clean, no junk foods or soda and all that crap. This is what I have been doing for about 6 months and I been makin alllllll kinds of gains

  10. desimixer says:

    jus take deca n test…..

  11. 1ChiBull1 says:

    This white dude has great genetics

  12. Absolveee says:

    Dude don’t worry bout all these trolling no lives. Your my inspiration to keep making my goals higher and to always keep pushing and never quit! love your vids man 🙂

  13. OmfgK0D says:

    eating the hard part? haha eating is easy… maybe because i was a fat ass… for people that want to know i was 6,6ft 310 pounds now 6,6 209 pounds. bulking now for a week trying to get 225-230 by april. good luck to all of you peeps trying to build some muscle we all are in the same bus to muscleville 😛

  14. LowBudgetLeanMuscle says:

    lol all jokes aside i’ll have to say you are my favorite troll. you should comment on more of my videos. oh and btw u forgot to dislike this video. it has 0 dislikes.


  15. butagaris says:

    It is UNSAFE and danger for a white young dude to stay at africans appartment, creepy

  16. cr3ativebrah says:

    what height are you? as well as Matt

  17. girlpcapaldi says:

    Hella good metaphor bro with the cart

  18. girlpcapaldi says:

    IMO I think eating gets easier once your body gets used to it.

  19. MrCraig23s says:

    Buy a weight gainer for$30

  20. Libthetics says:

    he should make it a bit easier on himself by getting a good amount of his carbs from easy shit like orange juice/gatorade.

  21. DBDironlung87 says:

    Matt! Needs his own channel! Lol

  22. jemoeder477 says:

    you don’t want to chil?
    all right then! say sorry!
    yo chil – say sorry! - chil!
    you… ”ping” ”dong” ”ping”

  23. Truthseeker182 says:

    I love how right at 3:46 when jonathan goes to the piano we both get up really quick and get over there to stop him. hahaha, its instinct.

    you should never make this dude play the piano! never!

  24. PhillyBoyFitness says:

    hey man i want to know how much mat weighted before he started working out?

  25. MrThebestcommentator says:

    motherfucker looks great already

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