Looking Good in a Bikini – What Foods to CUT From Your Diet This Summer

Well, let’s start with the double frikin down. There are some foods you wouldn’t expect! Thanks guys! We do a live show every other Tuesday at 7:15pm EST @ www.livestream.com
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24 Responses to Looking Good in a Bikini – What Foods to CUT From Your Diet This Summer

  1. manman23911 says:


  2. SAUNDERSacts2618 says:

    You need Jesus

  3. 808gummibear says:

    Damn Ambers so damn HOT haha

  4. rockon609 says:

    so hot

  5. telrinx says:

    wow she went from 0 to 80 in 2 seconds flat at the end. didn’t expect that

  6. 2girls2minutes says:

    thank you!!

  7. SheepPerfection says:

    she use to work at hooters! dam i wish i was there…

  8. Felloguy says:

    @Jiyaijo you’re right she is made for sex

  9. hollyosa2599 says:

    watch the key of awsome firework parody

  10. dudewithalaptop says:

    ummspayhigh ftw

  11. jtbigshot says:

    thumbs up if you cant keep you eyes off her boobs

  12. xXNDMBOSSJ3TXx says:

    Love the thumbnail 8)

  13. Jiyaijo says:

    Amber no offense, but you were MADE for SEX!

  14. bethaprivttee says:

    Marry a beautiful Russian lady  gettop5.info

  15. whitfkl318nu says:

    …fewer cloths would be nice too.

  16. whitfkl318nu says:

    you guys need a “You’re A Jackass” segment.

    The Glenn & Karl Show
    blogtalkradio . com.

  17. Jonathansernel1 says:

    lmaoo that was Fail! xDD yeah must be high. =P

  18. HittinThatPurp says:

    plz explain how this will make u gain weight kid or do u mean sittin on the computer all day and becomin a fatass

  19. MrNaska72 says:

    the only reason i am watching this is because im 11 and i am only 60 lbs so i need to gain weight

  20. SandwidgeVids says:

    less talk moar bewbs 

  21. ShadowakaBigG says:

    Amber easily one of the hottest on youtube’s, dont care what anyone says.

  22. SpyderKarnage says:

    This bitch is a phooonny

  23. SaveTheApplause says:

    which one of you gets drunk more often?

  24. 4teensanime says:

    i love falafels… and i eat those all the time…!!

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