Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat – 15 Minute Workout

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25 Responses to Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat – 15 Minute Workout

  1. genghisgirl says:

    @sundaricoolgirl Sure! Everyone has to start somewhere… start where you are, put in the effort, and it should get easier and easier. Then, move onto something harder!! xo

  2. sundaricoolgirl says:

    HELLO! actually i workout by playing this video thrice taking a break after 3minutes.Will there be any change if i do it regularly for a month?

  3. AmaiNoDesu says:

    I have a hard time doing push ups. D;

  4. youarebeautiful37 says:

    can someone inbox me some good weight loss tips and tips for getting me into shape please?


    great! I Also lost over 40 lbs with my method…

  6. 58zarak says:

    I love ur figure

  7. genghisgirl says:

    @YoungTRIZZi I have a diet and workout plan on sale on my website BexLifeDOTcom

  8. genghisgirl says:

    @princessnatallie131 I’m glad you liked it! It’s good to switch up your routine every now and then to make sure you’re hitting all your muscle groups. xo

  9. KITTYIM says:

    omg 🙁 i can feel my leg burning only! lol
    did i do something wrong ??

  10. weeshamaye15 says:

    wow can i get something that is easier for a chub chubs like me?!?! lol but very intense thanks 🙂

  11. princessnatallie131 says:

    I’ve been hitting the gym for months now, and I THOUGHT I was getting in shape, but this sure did prove me wrong! This is some crazy stuff, but I feel great after doing it!

  12. YoungTRIZZi says:

    can you be my personel trainer ….so i can flirt with you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ….and so i can lose waight …and do you have a teen or simler work out sheet ..such as diet ..and a workout plan????

  13. Kaddicto says:

    i tried to do it…it was hard at first…

  14. bigsmile2010 says:

    melto thanx

  15. HOW2lose35LBSin35DAY says:

    ❤awesome! brilliant vid

  16. mrzjeezy123 says:

    Great :-)

  17. ViixProduction says:

    It’s a good job I’m living on the bottom floor at my Uni’s flat or else everyone would know when I’m exercising >.<

  18. KaNdiEzZboii69 says:

    Ill just stick to running in the hot sun.

  19. Aylissablu says:

    i…i cant feel anyyythiiiiiing x.x * passes out *

  20. johanna4150 says:

    did this and my legs were burning ! thanks for the vid!

  21. utchat1 says:

    gonna try this in a bit…

  22. MackenzieGirl15 says:

    grr…..im just gonna run up the stairs instead lol

  23. mmanahil1 says:

    @genghisgirl y? PAin mEans its w0rking !!

  24. ALVSTYYLE says:

    @loveheart6411 no actually ur in the normal wieght zone 🙂 🙂

  25. Roslanbek619 says:

    How long time will it take to burn all 🙂 ? i got not also so much but a lill bit 🙂

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