Lose Weight Fast on A Treadmill Using This

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49 Responses to Lose Weight Fast on A Treadmill Using This

  1. Straightedgemosh says:

    @rain884 You can’t choose where you loose the fat!

  2. chaz7r says:

    Interval training is not optimal. You want to keep a sustained high heartrate, slowing down several times is just wasting energy. I usually run about 8 mph 7:30 miles for 5k (3.1miles) I run as fast as possible for the last quarter mile then a fast walk cool down for 5 minutes. Or sometimes I set the timer for 30 minutes to see how far I can run in 30 minutes and keep track of my best distance. Always having a target time or distance to shoot for is great for pushing yourself during training.

  3. ivanlovr263 says:

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  4. boricua6483 says:

    You consider 8 a jog? I tried doing 8 and almost killed myself,lol.

  5. mikebeezy13 says:

    @crazygirlforever20 why stop exercising in May? Make it a lifestyle change

  6. xzool says:

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  7. TheBigbro1973 says:

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  8. gtb08 says:

    if your fat you suck just go for a run

  9. Jordan4139 says:

    how many times should you do the interval in a workout?

  10. DrMedicineManMD says:

    @rain884 You loose fat everywhere. You can’t really just do a targeted weightloss for one body region.

  11. 15551cue says:

    @rain884 where ever you feeling muscle pain after a workout thats where you gonna start burning fat

  12. 15551cue says:

    easy….just run dammit

  13. whisperingdragon33 says:

    This works, I’ve done it and lost 30 pounds just doing this alone.

  14. outasight13 says:

    @rain884 If you’re combining cardio with good nutrition and a restricted amount of calories, you will notice VERY GRADUALLY that every part of your body becomes slimmer and more toned. This doesn’t happen overnight! You may go for weeks without noticing any difference. The key is to STICK WITH IT and after a few months you will notice very visible results.


  15. crazygirlforever20 says:

    i’m 17 year old girl that weigh between 140-148, and i really want to slim down to at least 115-130. I’ve been jogging on the treadmill for about 16-20 minutes 5 times a week and doing curl ups, can i lose weigh doing something like that? i’m planning on doing the exercise until may of next year. is that a yes or no?

  16. latinluigi says:

    What if I use a sauna suit? M trying to lose 15-20 lbs so I can sign with the army my recruiter told me not to worry about lifting weights just do lots of push ups and run on the treadmill alot to pass the PT at MEPS…

  17. TheSippi2010 says:

    @karenty The only way I can imagine extreme muscle growth in your legs is if you are also performing leg weight lifting exercises as well as your cardio. Running should not have a major effect on muscle growth, infact it should tone and define muscles.

  18. TheSippi2010 says:

    @rain884 To answer your questions, when losing fat there is no one particular spot that can be targeted. For instance, I had a client who noticed that sandals that she had worn in the past had to be tighten because she had lost fat in her feet. However, toning can be targeted and yes you will feel a change in your leg muscles probalby before you see it depending on the amount of fat in the area. For inner thigh toning I would recommend an adduction exercise.

  19. spainccs says:

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  20. MirrorImageOfYou says:

    I bought 2 kettle ball weights about a month ago and started walking on the treadmill with these weights…. wew! abs never looked better. Im not a fitness expert to now why this worked. Just know it helped tone me up… Im assuming has something to do with me mixing cardio and strength training at same time. Not sure

  21. christmaseve70 says:

    I have been rotating using the treadmill and elyptical every day. Gives my body variety, and I’ve been doing this 5 times a week for 3 months. I’ve lost 36 lbs and 20.75 inches so far, and it’s coming off everywhere. If it’s gradual weight loss, you know your doing the right thing.

  22. paradiselostj5 says:

    It will tone everywhere.

    Just do a low incline and run faster to stop your leg getting bigger

  23. rain884 says:

    i got a question. so, working out on a tredmil…even fast walking…for say 45 min a day… WHERE would you see a difference IF at all on the body? will it lower my gut? will be lower my fat on the waste…? will it tone my inner thighs?

  24. karentyl says:

    Hi, can i ask?? im karen 27 year old its same way girl run treadmill as you show?? my problem is my leg geeting bigger so what should i do ??

  25. Alfredoletoca says:

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  26. thomasduncan86 says:

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  27. valerialish88 says:

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  28. amandaguffey21 says:

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  29. killerlk89 says:

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  30. SherrylSaunders says:

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  31. Amberelyse says:

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  32. octopus3mw says:

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  33. WatchaGonnaDoBrah says:

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  34. m0nkyfunkz says:

    looking at fat people makes me hungry but look at slim people makes me wanna
    not wanna eat

  35. dimitriscivic says:

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  36. nigella4me says:

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  37. stuartjbutler says:

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  38. salem3611 says:

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  39. i8cheeseandbarfed says:

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  40. slapthathomo69 says:

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  41. mzthicknfine says:

    The first lady was a vixen, thats how i wanna be when I’m done losing weight. Headed to the park right now to soak up some sun and burn some fat lol.wish me luck

  42. MrRapidweightloss says:

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  43. bogellenong says:

    it’s not that you become slimmer but your appearance become more beautiful(woman) and handsome(man)

  44. weightloss01 says:

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  45. AlFord82 says:

    Man I hate vids like this -_-‘ This vid had no real value, just a stream of pics with a random slow song…people need to realize that true change starts with the person themselves and that most of these “lose weight fast and easy” programs are complete BS! In fact, the only program I’ve ever come across that produced real results was this: bit(dot)ly/lose_the_fat

  46. ImFreakinAwesomeDude says:


  47. LoseWeightNow1 says:

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  48. Bebohunny says:

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  49. akilisso says:

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