Cormie follows up from the “Low Carb Lifestyle What I Eat” video with a few tips to help you become more successful on your low carb diet journey. This is a …
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  1. Amber Wright says:

    thank you for inspiration!´╗┐ ­čÖé

  2. jadeisback says:

    I’ve noticed you have said in previous videos that you subtract the protein too to get´╗┐ net carbs ? I know the dietary fiber never heard of the protein ?? Did you make a mistake giving this info ? I’ve been a health nut forever …

  3. isha neupane says:

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  4. ceylondiva says:

    Great´╗┐ Video

  5. Cut3gyrl4lyfe says:

    This is the fastest way to loose weight i try and keep my carbs under 55 a day carbs really are evil ´╗┐

  6. Kate Morgan says:

    Have you seen Cosmos Fat Loss? (look for it on google) It is a quick and easy way to´╗┐ get rid of fat fast.

  7. Javoszia Sterling says:

    I recently started eatin NO CARBS as´╗┐ a mini induction phase two days ago. I was fine but today I feel like crap. Kind of sick and SUPER low energy. Any advice?

  8. Plamen Ivanov says:

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  9. hypnateq says:

    The best advice ever!! Low carb is a lifestyle for me now and´╗┐ I enjoy it, especially the weight loss.

  10. nicknickph says:

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  11. thompson gurung says:

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  12. Ng Gyllene says:

    Your videos are very educational and motivational. Love´╗┐ them.

  13. Aasish aryal says:

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  14. elease03 says:

    I just subbed! I love your weight loss/management approach. I also think you are beautiful. Please continue to make videos because you are´╗┐ so inspirational!

  15. Ace Joe says:

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  16. atel tex says:


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  17. youtna1002 says:

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  18. BillyBong27 says:

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  19. moeddesigns says:

    my bad i´╗┐ just found it. thanks again.

  20. moeddesigns says:

    thanks for sharing your lifestyle….Forgive me if i over looked them but do you have any size 14 pics on your channel if so what video would i find them, i love your´╗┐ whole channel diet, and fashion.

  21. Nethmi Rathnayake says:

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  22. layla784 says:

    this isnt working.. hmm @chrisembo thank you for
    sharing me that program at the site:
    i lost 45lbs and 6inches in my waist. Ive seen a huge
    difference after´╗┐ a week of using it. hehe

  23. baraia2006 says:

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  24. PureTrimWeightLoss says:

    this´╗┐ is awesome, you need´╗┐ more views!!!

  25. Kali Kollection says:

    I have to get on this. I am´╗┐ a size 12/14. and I think this will work for me. all what you are saying makes complete sense for MY BODY

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