Meals to Lose Weight: Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

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25 Responses to Meals to Lose Weight: Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

  1. hari regmi says:

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  2. emmagabrielle19 says:

    Anybody who hates jam on salty things has never experienced the joy of a monte cristo sandwich.

  3. Mike Robinson says:

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  4. E Walker says:

    It would have been better if you would have let us see you bite it.

  5. fmlharry says:

    egg yolks have HDL cholesterol in which actually lowers the bad type of cholesterol, LDL. leaving out the yolk doesnt necessarily make it more healthy, maybe a few less calories though. liked the recipe btw 🙂

  6. Veronica Lodge says:

    LOVE eggs and jam!… not sure about the meat though.

  7. BRYAN RUFFIN says:

    i love jam on my breakfast sandwich , and peanut butter in my oat meal

  8. Haaris Riaz says:

    Baby… I would eat you any day!!!

  9. scooteroreo1 says:

    I like the jam on the inside. Your fingers don’t get sticky holding the sandwich. Looks good though!

  10. hcglindsey1 says:

    learn to spell

  11. Amar Nepali says:


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  12. Charliehatesyou15 says:

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  13. blueskies756 says:

    Ezekiel bread is in no way gluten free, it’s made from wheat..

  14. jkelley190 says:

    not healthy ?

  15. Noelle Silvia says:

    Also not my health food of choice (jam, I wish that was healthy!), but I guess it worked for her…

  16. nybeee says:

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  17. Talpes Gabriel says:

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  18. TheCeroQuatro says:

    She is healthier that you, slut.

  19. munnabdjsr1 says:

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  20. mashanikit12 says:

    You look like Megan Fox wow. Great recipe btw.

  21. artbutterfly9 says:

    lol i am now officially attempted to try this recipe even though i am not an egg fan i would still try it XD.

  22. anel sehic says:

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  23. Isadora Chana says:

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  24. lilyon175 says:

    how much calories in it ???

  25. LimeyBitch says:

    Wow… This is *not* weight loss food.. this is just a slightly healthier alternative to a bacon and egg sandwich

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