Mimi Kirk – Sexiest Vegetarian

Mimi Kirk is PETA’s Sexiest vegetarian over 50. She’s just not over 50….she’s 71!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. ReineSchafwolle says:

    go vegan <3

  2. cocoaqueen16 says:

    Oh my freaking gosh….she can’t be in her 70’s! She look incredible, i’m in awe.

  3. hauntedbynargles says:

    you can get an HD look at her on he own channel at mimi kirk. No one is saying she looks 20 but she sure as hell doesn’t look 71!

  4. Angryconsumernerd says:

    this is a low rez video . I bet if we seen this is HD and closer to her face and no pro makeup should would look old as fuck . Not hating but a lot of tricks can be pulled off .

  5. FutureLaugh says:

    0:38 “some of the men could of been my daughter” lmao you just nailed Veganism

  6. FutureLaugh says:

    her voice sounds like the golden girls

  7. Leon Apel says:

    Mimi is one of the case studies that convinced me to phase out meat.

  8. spamagee590 says:

    Experience trumps pups every time.

  9. ddalby8 says:

    says the 40 year old calling someone half his age retarded

  10. spamagee590 says:

    Your retarded brain tells the truth about your personality.

  11. ddalby8 says:

    my 80 year old ball sack lies about my 21 year old face

  12. spamagee590 says:

    My 80 yr old hands lie about my 40 yr old face.

  13. proflo199 says:


  14. bnatbox says:

    My body deserve fruits

  15. Bak3dB3an says:

    What the heck are good genes? If you had good genes and led an unhealthy lifestyle, then it’s the same as having bad genes.

    Genes can be moulded. It’s called neuro plasticity look it up.

  16. scrivensart says:

    Amazing! I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Mimi Kirk for my blog, The Scrivens Post. She gave me some wonderful and insightful answers. I can’t post the link to the interview here, but head on over to thescrivenspostdotcom if you wish to read it. Thanks

  17. thinprincess87 says:

    He’s in his 80’s?! Damn he looks really good too

  18. fgermain says:

    check dr. young on the benefits of juicing, hes 60 and shows his hands, no spots whatsoever

  19. IpoetOfficial says:

    Nice… #Motivated

  20. freezingcathedral says:

    nothin’ sexy about a chick that don’t put meat in her mouth.

  21. semijemme says:

    Mimi…..you are the truth!!!!!

    God bless <3

  22. Brant Merrell says:

    The entire point of protein is that it’s not a single substance – it’s a combination of amino acids that can be easily pulled apart and put back together in whatever combination is needed. Looking for a “source” of protein – like it’s supposed to be singular – is misleading from the start. It’s like reducing the entire elements table to the term “matter” and then drilling to find matter, manufacturing matter, panning in streams for matter . . . . . . eating meat for ‘protein’ . . . etc . . .

  23. holdenerm123 says:

    Ok she looks 70 to me. My friends great grand parents are over 100. They can stil walk. And one reason Mimi looks so young is because she wears her hair in the style that younger people do. Whe alot of people get older they change their haur style to more of a older hair style and it makes them look older.she wears her hair down not up. And i have heard that blood type A people do better vegan.

  24. Iknowbetterthanthat says:

    It is DEFINITELY also genes.

  25. guriap says:

    there are so many professional athletes that are vegan. Just google and you will see.

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