Mimi Kirk (World’s Sexiest Vegan) 71-year old talking about her RAW FOOD DIET

Mimi Kirk on Channel 5 News. She talks about her diet, boyfriend & enjoying life. Visit alimyers.net for Holistic Self-Empowerment Love Life Wellness Radio http
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25 Responses to Mimi Kirk (World’s Sexiest Vegan) 71-year old talking about her RAW FOOD DIET

  1. HolyCity2012 says:

    @MongooseFreeRider Laugh Out Loud! Way to go dude! Way to deconstruct an innocent old lady on an internet forum! You are so tough and very clever. No one can fool you.

  2. SweeetPrincessa says:

    Wow Imma be a vegan as of today.

  3. SphereMaster001 says:

    @ikambor eh i don’t know if I would ever eat beef, i think it’s pretty disgusting. But chicken and fish might be okay, but ONLY if they don’t come from a farm factory.

  4. ikambor says:

    @MongooseFreeRider well most vegitarians are,, people dont need to go to the exrtreme that some of them go to,, eating fresh organic live foods is essential,, but you can have some meat products,, even a little each day… if its beef,, it needs to be grass fed with no hormoes,, to get the proper omega 3-6 ratios,, she could also have some fish or chicken too,, definately some eggs.. I am guessing she doesnt consider eggs off limits,,, many so called vegans will eat eggs

  5. MongooseFreeRider says:

    I bet shes just skin and bone under those clothes like look how thinnish her arms are

  6. RedPaladin says:


  7. dukeuke1 says:

    Bigpussycat5 RELIGION ? Then on the other side of th@ Coin is th@ Legal Rx. Medical Drugs th@ almost KILLED Me is a Religion as well as the AMA. You can`t have it One sided here. I went RAW Organic Vegan for My Health & Did NOT believe it would work but it DID. It`s working for Everyone I got to Try it. Not One regrets it as they also were on their last leg so to speak. You were crASS & Judgmental of people looking for HOPE in a situation You ur self DON`T have & Pray you never will….RAW

  8. Panaceamedia says:

    This is by no means an insult, just trying to understand the aging process: her voice sounds old, so I wonder what causes that. I know cells slow down and don’t regenerate as densely with age. ,,, I’m also curious if that’s a dye job…I’m pretty sure it is. Again, not an insult, just want to know what parts of the body ages no matter how healthy you eat.

  9. TheRichthoffen says:

    Does this woman have a reflection in the mirror? She’s not from Transylvania I hope!? 🙂

  10. MRBLACKPEARL04 says:

    Don’t listen. Support McDonald’s!!!! Eat till death lol

  11. GokuGreg2001 says:

    @ChildOL aye,i concur.

  12. ChildOL says:

    Ah the benefits of enzymes from raw foods and avoidance of refined processed foods (it’s not the veganism folks).

  13. TardsOfParadise says:

    1938!! THAT’S SO INTENSE.

    Raw food for the win!!

  14. 99cachorro says:

    of course its the food you put in

  15. coolbones says:

    if you want a good laugh, look at fathomlessjoy`s profile pic. he claims to be a fitness model thanks to veganism but he just looks like a chubby fuck LOL

  16. novicemilk says:


  17. sandynford1 says:

    Mimi is a great inspiration to us all…I just turned 50,,,and am now going Vegan myself ..I wanna look like her when I am 71 ! I exercise too … We dont have to feel or look old , jut because we have lived longer ..YEAH Mimi ! I love U <3

  18. MrMZaccone says:

    @ByeByeBelly 5% conversion maximum is pretty innefficient. However, I’m researching “microalgae” right now and it seems interesting. I’ll get back to you, thanks.

  19. FathomlessJoy says:

    @MrMZaccone Underneath your tantrums is fear though. Right? You are afraid of change. You see your way of life is failing, you live in contradiction in hope that it will be resolved by someone else.

  20. FathomlessJoy says:

    @MrMZaccone Over and over with the childish language and irrational tantrums. I think it is indicative of your denial that your manner of discourse is anything but immature hate devoid of reason.

  21. FathomlessJoy says:

    @MrMZaccone I mistook your endless comments such as these:
    “Charcoal isn’t an “open flame” dumb-ass” “You’re an idiot.” “you’re the troll.” “You’re an idiot.”

  22. MrMZaccone says:

    @FathomlessJoy “Temper tantrums”??? Seriously? I’ve done no such thing, I’ve been smiling the whole time.

  23. FathomlessJoy says:

    @MrMZaccone Was that your way of admitting that your childishly grandiose statement “you do in fact have canines” is meaningless in the discussion? LOL
    Look, you keep trying to use other animals as a way to make your behavior ok, to convince me of who I am and how I should live. It is not working. Just that you have to think this way is an indicator, no?

  24. FathomlessJoy says:

    @MrMZaccone “What for instance is your A1C hemoglobin count, your trigliceride count, your cholesterol both HDL and LDL, the ratio of EPA to AA in your blood? ” I don’t know any of that. It has been years since I have been to the doctor. Again I haven’t even had a common cold in many years. I will say I rarely went to the doctor even when I ate as an omni, and always had great insurance. The doctor’s office and hospitals are where many of the diseases are 😉

  25. FathomlessJoy says:

    @MrMZaccone “I do not in fact believe that you ARE perfectly healthy.” And I think that is the basic problem with most meat eaters. You are in fundamental denial that vegans even exist. This denial is why you strike out with such hatred. The fact is I have not had a common cold in 4 years. I am in the best shape of my life, less than 10% body fat, and I eat all day, as much as I want. Meanwhile your chance of premature heart attack or stroke is 1 in 2!

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