(More) Before and After Weight Loss Photos | Onna’s Little Blog

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25 Responses to (More) Before and After Weight Loss Photos | Onna’s Little Blog

  1. WeightLossDietss says:

    Hey i just watched your amazing video thank you for this. Please can you check out my channel and tell me your opinion? Thanks

  2. Lucy Norton says:

    I love the contrast of how sad/happy you are… thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. falak fatima says:

    you are damn bful… 🙂 if adele got thinner shed be you 🙂 you both look soooooooooo similar

  4. charlene lockhart says:

    well done you look stunning, i am in the process of loosing weight and am on week 9 feel free to pop by and watch mine too xx

  5. Fai Louise says:

    Well done! You look incredible. You also look a shit load happier in the after photos. Keep up the good work, amazing!

  6. sherie taylor says:

    You look so happy in the after photos! you look stunning! Great motivation, well done you! xx

  7. Viva Glam says:

    You look amazing!!

  8. FatToGlam says:

    I honest to god thought you were megan fox when I first saw this video, your stunning and you’ve done so well 🙂

  9. shnazit says:

    Wuts tha song called?? u look great btw

  10. Onna B says:

    thank you! I love your videos by the way 🙂 x

  11. girllik3chloee says:

    Oh god I look like the before photos 🙁 how long did it take you to lose the weight Onna? x

  12. ghostparties says:

    Good for you, you look incredible!

  13. bluehearts201 says:

    it’s clear you worked hard on your weight loss. thanks for sharing your pics with us.

  14. thegaper1 says:

    Not only do you look healthier now, but happier! Good for you girlie.

  15. Nisreen Behiry says:

    I see that you are beautiful in both Before & After, inside & outside as well..
    so happy for your new shape… thanks for you..

  16. Carly Rowena says:

    Awesome, video, bloody love you i do! xx

  17. Infern0121 says:

    You have got one of the best accents I have ever heard, congrats on the weight loss.

  18. featherflyaway says:

    Thank you, I did to then I didn’t even think about it and just DID it, then it became habit! Congrats to you as well you are beautiful!!!!!

  19. Bella Feiertag says:

    You are so gorgeous both then and now, but you look amazing now! Congrats (:

  20. strangepilgrimsss says:

    you look great with dark hair!!

  21. itslaurenella says:

    You’ve done amazingly, but also you are IDENTICAL to Megan Fox in the intro! xo

  22. Sarah Beal says:

    Hiya 🙂 Know youve probably answered this a BILLION times before but approx. how long did it take for you to get to the weight you are now? Cheers my dear x

  23. Amanda Florid says:

    You looked like Adele in a couple of the pictures (:

  24. katiefawcettxo says:

    Loved this video! It’s amazing how weight can alter a person, you literally look like a different person. I lost a large amount of weight and don’t recognise myself in old photos. This has definitely spurred me on to reach my goal, thank you xo

  25. delelenoreable says:

    You remind me of adele in the before pictures. BUT in a good way!!

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