Muscle Building Diet: My Muscle Building Diet Daily Ritual

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25 Responses to Muscle Building Diet: My Muscle Building Diet Daily Ritual

  1. yeagemk says:

    Hey Vince, great video on juicing. I recently started adding raw juices into my diet and man, what a difference it has made. I do not bodybuild anymore, I do more powerlifting stuff, and all I can say is that since adding raw juice, not only is my mood better, but I have NO joint issues, and have never been sick. To everyone who is watching skeptically, he is stating the truth. What he made in that blender is better than anything you could buy in the store by far!

  2. VinceDelMonte says:

    @RugbyRules999 With a Vengeance!

  3. RugbyRules999 says:


  4. d956impala says:

    that’s what i do when i do a shake of veggies or fruits, i think i’m in fear factor!!! don’t think about it just chuck it down lol

  5. osmosis2259 says:


  6. juncal230975 says:

    I would add some apple pieces to the “morning ritual shake” for natural sweetnes 🙂 great video!

  7. xyoungdipsetx says:

    @VinceDelMonte if your a beginer what body parts should you start off with?

  8. benh2891 says:

    Aweseome to have LL back on youtube Vince, I’ve been following you on your site, emails, programs, etc for about two years now. Quick question, would adding a juiced lemon to the morning ritual in the morning help with the alkalinization? I know Ben Pakulski mentioned it in MI40. Thanks Vince

  9. amore101 says:

    Vince this is all about sounding the viewer with positive influences. Us, meaning the public, are so distracted by the media, and negative people… this is a powerful way to have entertainment that’s motivational, that’s life changing. What a genius idea… subscribed. Oh and Happy BD Flav!

  10. kkoioko says:

    keep up the videos vinny 

  11. rumblingc says:

    lol i was like arent you going to put the top on the blender

  12. 99palmer99 says:

    Yea!! Welcome back Vince!!!

  13. wevansduende says:

    This guy never lets the side down.. 😉 I really liked your food advice. Cheers form London!

  14. FitnessCountdown says:

    Vince awesome that this is back on youtube 🙂

  15. FitnessCountdown says:

    @iSuckCockForFree i think to many vegetables is almost impossible 😉

  16. iSuckCockForFree says:

    Vince, quick question is the morning ritual the only time you put vegetables into your body because sometimes I feel like I give my body too much vegetables

  17. elyze8 says:

    Thank you for inspiring me to be a ”better me” !

  18. oneminuteworkout says:

    I hear ya about the Fear Factor . I never quite know how my smoothies will turn out!! I throw the refrigerator at it!

  19. CleverCletus says:

    Good stuff, man! I especially like the morning veggie smoothie! Gunna have to try it out.

  20. asultanofswing says:

    For the “Daily Ritual”, can you use fruits (apples/strawberries etc) or does it have to be vegetables??

  21. MsLeeannexxx says:

    @VinceDelMonte Hey Vince the reason You Tube disabled 85 of your videos started when you uploaded the LL episode with yourself and Brock at that photo shoot. They disabled it for ” Gender Identify”.

  22. TheHeyadood says:

    @fitbodynews you obviously dont know much. I just started his program, i’ve gained 9 pounds of muscle in 2 weeks, no suppliments. Not even protein powder, just a lot of food and proper exercises. Trust me his stuff works.
    Also I have crap genetics, been skinny my whole life wasnt able to gain a pound in 2 years of working out before this

  23. atibingler says:

    this is a really good series.

  24. VinceDelMonte says:

    @MrFantastic606 Thank you sir! I didn’t pull it down…. for some reason I had 85 videos deleted and never got a clear reason why. Hopefully we have better luck this time.

  25. fitbodynews says:

    Well 41 lbs in 6 months is B.S. I don’t see any great genetics that would cause the gains that steroids don’t give.

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