Muscle Building Diet – The Best Foods To Build Muscle -► Discover How To Gain Weight & Build Muscle Fast! If you’re not sure what kind of foods you need in your muscle building diet, this video should help you out. I went to the grocery store today and stocked up on a bunch of muscle building foods that I always include in my diet. Now this isn’t an all inclusive list of food to include in your muscle-building diet but it should give you a good idea of the kind of stuff you should be eating. (I just went out and got the things I was running out of.) Here are the foods I picked up in this video -Water! -Lean ground beef -Chicken -Walnuts -Almonds -Spinach -Whole Wheat Bread -Brown Rice -Bananas -Tuna -Yams -Cottage Cheese -Yogurt -Eggs I hope you got some ideas from this video about the kind of foods to include in your muscle building diet… And if you want more tips on how to build muscle fast, got to:
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25 Responses to Muscle Building Diet – The Best Foods To Build Muscle

  1. 1983Burnsy says:

    @shuparee heating the kitchen

  2. NOTguineapigeon says:

    @shuparee Good way to toast invisible bread.

  3. NaviSean says:

    im spending my whole hard earned money on food lol

  4. intermilanboy2010 says:

    i just eat loads of lentils, high in protein, fibre and very cheap….

  5. bigmancp9221 says:

    @209xjoex My bro has diabetes (type 1) and I’m responsible for the majority of his diet. You can try bulgar wheat. Cook it like you would cook rice. It’s pretty darn good and a healthy alternative to rice. Also low in calories. You can buy lean meats like chicken breast, turkey breast, ground chicken and such. And if you like fish then thats fine too. If you cut the fat off the meat then it shouldn’t mess with your blood sugar too much. Beans are perfect too. I hope that helps.

  6. werohijodeputa says:

    shit load of eggs!!!

  7. 209xjoex says:

    I’m working out but wanting to lose weight first and then build muscle..I’m not trying to gain weight..I’m also a type 2 diabetic..any advice on what I can eat that can help me lose weight and maybe build some lean muscle without making my diabetes get outta whack? Right now, I’m eating hard boiled eggs, tuna, salads, fruit, and yogurts and a few other things

  8. angus1000001 says:

    What’s a battle?

  9. latino13x3 says:

    I bet your cholesterol levels are through the roof

  10. prophetsarereal says:

    thats exactly what it looks like when i shop at costco. This guy needs to include avocados, turkey bacon,ground turkey and Almond butter. but otherwise, hes right on point. He definitly needs more water tho. I buy 5 cases

  11. chrisdes1995 says:

    what if im allergic to nuts and also mushrooms….

  12. kallam13 says:

    hi ive been body buling for a while now i eat alot of eggs too but the trouble is i have abit too much fat on my belly i have big arms but also a littel big belly eny advise?

  13. Gallodoro13 says:

    which one is better for putting on size, chicken breast or beef?

  14. SuperMoviepros says:

    I thought I needed a better diet but that’s what I’ve eaten all te time

  15. frrkthisish says:

    You eat 54 eggs in under a week?!?!

  16. ArcticVicGSA says:

    Remeber to drink milk because it promotes strong bones, also once a day try and have a vegetarian diet

  17. heinzdoofen says:

    Now do not get me incorrect but I’ve been searching on Google for a bunch of wholesome & effective diet system regime plan and I located this unknown eating routine regime referred to as DietOramy – I’m pursuing the plan laid out and I am getting numerous outstanding good results, and I’m even now eating same as before, without food craving, just a little different meals…

  18. TheChrisnextel says:

    Hey Jeff, thank you for this video, great job man! I got a question for you though, do you eat everything in the egg or just the white stuff? Because they say the yellow is cholesterol.

  19. cena28229 says:

    you must fart alot with all them eggs lol

  20. paintballKid545 says:

    @jimmahch0209 ya but once you gain the weight you wish to achive you don’t need to continue this diet any longer

  21. paintballKid545 says:

    @alfedrali22 you gained 10 lbs in one week!

  22. noahechols28 says:

    Love me some uncle Bens!!!

  23. alannes94 says:

    HEY JEFF! I have a question for you I recently started trying to build muscle and I had a question about food that I eat on a daily basis. I eat cheese usually Cheddar and Gouda on whole wheat bread every morning because I have to get out the door fast let me know if thats a good to eat or not. thanks.
    PS I usually end up eating a couple bananas with it

  24. bangoo54 says:

    Oh hai! Have you tried intellectus 424 diet (search on google)? Ive heard some great things about it and my work buddy lost tons of weight with it

  25. adventuretime101Finn says:

    Awesome video man but you forgot the all natural peanut butter and 2 % milk and raisins 😀 good luck

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