My 20lbs Weight Loss Before and After Pictures My measurements as of 6/26/09 39-33-39 Current measurements as of 7/25/09 36-29-36 How to figure out your measurements 1st- biggest part of your chest 2nd- smallest part of your waist 3rd- biggest part of your hips I have been getting a lot of questions from people about how I have been losing weight or if I have been dieting. So I decided to make a video to addressed these questions. This is the first video of my diet and I will be uploading more. So we can diet together and give each other moral support. It is very hard to try and lose weight and diet. So I am here to say that it is a very tough jorney but I am willing to help you with it. So that we together can be in the best body we deserve. It starts with loving yourself first. Good Luck and don’t ever take your eyes off the prize, set goals and reach them. You can do it! I believe in you! My Diet Plan It is very important to follow the diet properly. Also make sure to drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. Please be advised. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. Consult your physician before beginning any weight loss program.
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25 Responses to My 20lbs Weight Loss Before and After Pictures

  1. 666nightwolf1 says:

    keep up the good work gorgeous!!

  2. ScarlettBeyouty says:

    @violinplayer111 I got what you said the first time. I’m just telling you that 95 pounds is not a healthy weight for your friend and that you were already healthy at 103, so you don’t need to lose any weight.

  3. violinplayer111 says:

    @ScarlettBeyouty 95 lbs is my friends goal, and she is 5’2, but i am only 5’0 and my goal is 95

  4. ScarlettBeyouty says:

    @violinplayer111 5’2″ and 95 pounds is not healthy. She would be underweight. I’m also not sure why you wanted to lose any weight in the first place since you were already at your healthy range when you started. 95 pounds will put you right on the edge of being underweight, so for your own good, stop trying to lose weight. I can’t say the same thing about your friend because I don’t know how much she currently weights, but tell her 95 pounds is not healthy for her.

  5. mardouge says:

    great job! you look awesome!

  6. MustangBaby123 says:

    Good job!! Keep up the good work!! 😀

  7. Icecoldsolitude says:

    It’s really smart of you not loose the weight too fast to avoid rebound. Good job!! 😀

  8. CRaZyChIcK3141 says:


  9. OceanSandy says:

    Great job, keep it going (:

  10. eva111distance says:


  11. PLUSsizeMsnona says:

    Join my group on facebook ( weight loss challenge – 100 days)

  12. SampAdmin says:

    yeah thats why…your tits is bery nice

  13. violinplayer111 says:

    my friend is 5’2 and her goal is 95 lbs, and im 5 foot my goal is also 95. right now i am 98 lbs, i started at 103, like 3 weeks ago…im kinda slow D:

  14. 3zmoney says:

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  15. Xbibleblack says:

    you’re super cute….

  16. Whittness says:


    trying to lose the last ten pounds!!?? heres a good way:


  17. Whittness says:

    @qanstomir !!

  18. Whittness says:

  19. Nightbird says:

    @qanstomir You basically just advised what everybody else advises to lose weight…go read this book/blog/website..follow the rules..guaranteed results..blah blah blah..

    There is ONE Universal Principle to lose weight. Eat less calories than what your body needs so it will be forced to tap into your fat reserves to function.

    ALL weight loss uses this principle..but you don’t need to pay anybody for this info. Any nutrition counselor or dietician will give it to you for free. =)

  20. qanstomir says:

    Anyone struggling with their weight needs to get the new book by Sean Croxton. I’m a personal trainer and even I learned things from it.

    Step 1: Go to FatLossDarkSide. com

    Step 2: Read the guide and actually FOLLOW IT!

    If you do that, there’s no way you wouldn’t get results.

    And NO, I don’t benefit whatsoever if you decide to use it. Just trying to help out (which is why I came a trainer in the first place).

  21. HOW2lose35LBSin35DAY says:

    very good, u looks so good now ❤♡❤
    I lost 35 need to do another 10…

  22. meagannnaliseee says:

    my mom is 5 foot flat and used to be 160 lbs. she’s now down to 130. NO dieting, and she goes on a walk 3 times a week. all she does is eat healthy. diets don’t last after you lose the weight. they also don’t help if you’re trying to get healthy. just sayin…

  23. Thegr8boss says:

    I think im ready for this! Thanks you’re a huge help!

  24. HOW2lose37LBSin37DAY says:

    Awesome results, congrats! ❤❤I have lost 37 LBS in 37 days –

    I am sharing my free DIY method…if anyone interested here the one

  25. couturemommy says:

    I’m 5’1″ and 140lbs. My goal is 120/ 125. What diet plan did you follow?

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