My 40lb Weight loss Before & After

I show my transition from 170lbs to 130lbs. Weight Loss Basics Do you have a WEIGHT LOSS QUESTION FOR ME? Post it here! And it will be answered in a post like the ones below YOUR Weight loss questions answered Part 1 YOUR Weight loss questions answered Part 2 Check me out Fan http Stalk me Join the family! Add me http
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25 Responses to My 40lb Weight loss Before & After

  1. loseweightsheffield1 says:

    As long as the weight loss is done slowly, steadily and safely its all good

  2. mzmichelle23 says:

    Not being funny, but you weren’t “thick.” You were just top heavy with a stomach and skinny on the bottom. Good luck on your challenge though. I hope you reached your goals and kept them. 🙂

  3. GumBallCityChanel says:

    Kudos to Y.O.U. on your weightloss challenge. you look like a totally new person. Enjoy ur new life ….

  4. MrPapersun says:

    Hey Kianna, I am 440 pounds and almost died 1 month ago yesterday, Ive since been on a weight loss journey and you have been one of my inspirations, its been 4 weeks and ive lost 25 pounds, complete lifestyle change! Please feel free to check out my channel for daily vlogs!

  5. fanoonmileyzbieber1 says:

    U still fat

  6. TheRobMargolin says:

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  7. Fotographing says:

    @MountainBeauty720 How is she a whore? I hope you realize that you sound like a jealous bitch right now.

  8. Fotographing says:

    @MountainBeauty720 How is she a whore?

  9. HOW2lose35LBSin35DAY says:

    so nice tip! Cheers!❤❤❤❤❤ I like to share my secret tip which worked great for me – I’ve lost 35 lbs in just FIVE week

  10. upurhoe12321 says:

    Of course you’re gonna weigh 170 with those goddamned implants.

  11. loseweightsheffield1 says:

    Well done!

  12. digimedia1742 says:

    @HOW2lose35LBSin35DAY brilliant plan, tnx ❤♡❤

  13. 123noblessoblige says:

    most people can’t loss weight because of stress and work, i can show you how to create health and wealth. email me if interested at

  14. dagearjammer says:

    Keep cranking out the videos, I love watching them and can’t wait to see more.

  15. SoulQuencher83 says:

    Dude i had to make my screen full sizes when i seen the one pic with the red toob top dress!! WoWzers @o@

  16. brandonsvideoz says:

    Congrats! 🙂

  17. cosurethink1989 says:

    there are some good weight loss tips at that helped me out alot if any1 here looking for info

  18. geihj11 says:

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  19. tavern2468 says:

    whats with all of these bitches calling her a whore?? jealous much??? she looked good no matter what…fuck id love to even look like the fat version of you

  20. JohnThe41 says:

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  21. thristydevil says:

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  22. chanaka2424 says:

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  23. ishana10 says:

    you’re very pretty now. 😉

  24. xardins1 says:

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  25. FamilyGuyBlast says:

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