My Big Fat Diet Show Episode 1 P1

I removed the “coming up” parts so I could fit it into three parts. Nothing of the show is really missing. England rugby star and the winner of Celebrity Masterchef, Matt Dawson, cooks up some skinny girl treats including curry, fish and chips and tiramisu. Cheese, chocolate, crisp and cola addicts confront their extreme food obsessions with the help of a cognitive behavioural therapist and dietician. And Anna investigates the diet foods that can make you put on weight.
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22 Responses to My Big Fat Diet Show Episode 1 P1

  1. rosiellagrace says:

    iv been seriously thinking of relocating to the UK in my future, hopefully.. i absolutely love what i DO know about Britain although Iv never gotten to visit.
    point is: Anna Richardson reminds me so much of myself; if i were British. :o//

  2. iadoremanga says:

    holy shit…i cant relate to the crisp woman … :/

  3. beccaRed11 says:

    or the person is just greedy, i overeat and i have no emotional anything, i just eat whatevers infront of me and like junk food lol

  4. kali1799 says:

    Oh hello! Have you ever tried – fast abs magic (google it)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my brother in law got great 6 pack abs and lost a lot of fat with it.

  5. webkinzgirlish says:

    I eat less than 1200 calories because all my foods are all super low calorie but ive been on this diet for 3 months and I’ve lost a stone

  6. nmngirl says:

    I love anna richardson

  7. faylinameir says:

    yes true you can definately eat extremely low calories and exercise BUT doing it will make you sick and doing that for any extended period of time is a sign of anorexia, all you have to do is watch something like the show “living with size zero” to see what it can do.

  8. rzlgq1025 says:

    i’ve been eating around 800 calories a day and exercising, and i feel really good. of course i plan to do it for a short while, but i doubt it would be dangerous to exercise while on a 1200 calorie diet.

  9. faylinameir says:

    1200 calories a day is great if you don’t plan on exercising, barely any exercise and you’ll really make yourself ill. I suggest 1500-1600 a day with mild exercise for beginner, thats what I’m doing and its working great! Plus on a 1600 calorie diet, you can do it for a LONG time, and its not unhealthy, NOW that being said, 75% of my daily calories comes from fruit and veg. The rest is whole grains, very little salt or sugar, no junk, or alcohol, and some low cal yogurt.

  10. draftube says:

    Not everyone is like that, just the fat people

  11. garysquirrelreviews says:

    great show, annas hot with weight anyway the lucky cow. girls you just need to eat 1500 cals and burn 300-500 a day, easy!

  12. LenasLosingSleep says:

    Their 1200 calorie diet is RIDICULOUS! Sugar in the sorbet and flours in the bread.. those are what instantly turn to fat! They need way more fruits and veg in that diet plan, and breads that aren’t made out of flour (like spelt bread of sprouted grain) that would make it so much easier for them to lose weight. Also who needs the sorbet for a treat, refined sugar is harder to work off than anything else, try eating natural sugar for dessert! Eat a freaking PEAR.

  13. MissJessyeNorman says:

    Overeating isn’t about food, it’s about emotional, physical illness, or a combo. Overeating is the symptom. On the emotional side, having endured emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse is often the reason ppl overeat. It’s so frightening to face the abuse, and all the painful emotions that go with it, ppl use the comfort of food to hide the feelings. On the physical side, there can be hormonal imbalances, or other disorders that make us gain, and it very difficult to lose.

  14. LilasRose1973 says:

    It’s amazing how in UK people live on prepackaged ready to eat foods. Don’t they cook or something? 🙂

  15. LilasRose1973 says:


  16. PINKbyVictoriaS says:

    Thanks so much for uploading!

  17. ginastarke2 says:

    can’t think of anyone that loves to deliberately overeat. Even if you simplify it to calories in vs calories out, unless somebody looks everything up and tracks it, there are some major shocks in terms of calories. Look at fast food salads or smoothies for instance….somebody would be better off calorie-wise with a burger!

  18. Chrystalxlopez says:

    will do!

  19. ErmmTV says:

    I don’t have time to watch them myself, if your watching them all and you notice any problems let me know and i’ll fix it.

  20. oweellmann says:

    As long as you love to overeat you will NEVER lose weight and keep it off NEVER!!!

  21. ErmmTV says:

    Merry Christmas!

  22. Chrystalxlopez says:


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