My Weight Loss Transformations + 56lb Lost with Before & After Pics

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24 Responses to My Weight Loss Transformations + 56lb Lost with Before & After Pics

  1. MrLarryWallace says:

    You should visit
    Supplementing´╗┐ you diet can make fat loss easier. A diet high in protein can help preserve muscle (more muscle means an increase in metabolism)

  2. nellyparidise says:

    your so beutiful ­čÖé and congradulations on the weight´╗┐ loss.

  3. krauseshane79 says:

    I suggest many people have their thyroid checked. It runs in my family. If you work hard ,´╗┐ try hard and are not losing weight hardly at all ,please talk to a doctor to have the proper tests. Hypothyroid killed my mother and grandmother. My sister and aunt also discovered they had thyroid cancer. Your thyroid gland produces the hormones that control your metabolism. If it’s not producing or making enough of those hormones weight loss is nearly impossible. Please everyone get the tests.

  4. PureTrimWeightLoss says:

    Awesome video.´╗┐

  5. ariesdiva0416 says:

    What type of diet are you on? What´╗┐ are the food you eat? How often do you workout?

  6. tootie0581 says:

    I was a little over 240 Jan 2012 and got down to 193 by October 2012. Got back up to 205 Feb 2013. Your story sounds so familiar as I myself lost 75 lbs (went from 225 to 153 about 8 years ago exercising and dieting. Gained 25 back cuz hubby said I was too skinny, got depressed and lost it again. Worked midnights, had a baby and boom here I am again. Feels harder this time around maybe cause I’m´╗┐ over 30 now. But anyhoo, you are so motivating and you remind me of the things I did the first time.

  7. StriktlyBiznessTV says:

    i am proud of you and i think you´╗┐ are beautiful no matter what size you are

  8. Kai OBrien says:

    Girl dont worry about what anyone says..inbox me I am looking for a health spokesperson for my company…we will´╗┐ pay you for every pound you lose. inbox me

  9. Vina B says:

    Congrats and God bless you just remember your journey is between you and God and if along the way´╗┐ you can help someone minus being judged then AMEN!

  10. markiebarr says:

    you are amazing keep up the good work I have followed your videos on weight loss. and by the way you are so beautiful like I said I think your amazing to put yourself out there on you tube and show the world a little of your life and how you made life better for you that’s awesome and so are you keep up´╗┐ the good work.

  11. CutieDove says:

    I remember being there. …Then I gained more weight. So, just my word of advice: First be happy about not gaining more. But good luck! I’m trying to get back´╗┐ to where you are!

  12. misspinkpanda26 says:

    I weigh 125 and I’m 5’0 I want to´╗┐ lose 20 pounds.

  13. nina palacia says:

    Lovely video! I want to lose weight i’am 172 right now and i’am only 5’2 so, imagine:( for us women´╗┐ is easy to gain the weight but hard to lose it!! Do you have advice? I really want to lose weight really bad not because I want to necessarily look good . Is just diabetes runs in my family a lot and I really don’t want to end up having diabetes ..

  14. babya1973 says:


  15. chiquilin2010 says:

    Im 156 I wanna lose 20 lbs´╗┐

  16. brownlaydee says:

    It’s how you feel, as long as you love yourself, who cares what the haters say. Weight loss is a journey. It has its ups and´╗┐ downs. Hips and curves rule!

  17. TheLabyrinthineMind says:

    I weight about´╗┐ 242 now the fact that I’m the size you were when you started helps motivate me. Thanks

  18. Linnea Hagen says:

    U er the BEST! and we are´╗┐ the hight lol ­čśÇ

    Im trying to lose weight now, Ive been counting calories for the last 2 weeks and I have lost 8 pounds ­čÖé I hope I will reach my ideal weight and look this summer ^.^

  19. tonia0426 says:

    People who I thought was my friends are not anymore. As long as I was over weight they were cool be around me but now that I have lost the weight they don’t want to be around me anymore and that cool. I am going to do me and not worry about what others have to say. People will always have something to say whether you are fat or skinny it doesn’t matter, You look wonderful flaunt it girl´╗┐ friend you look wonderful.

  20. 24licorice says:

    Wow! You are one inspiring women! I have´╗┐ lost a lot of weight in 2011, but i gained all the weight back on! :-(. This time i want to lose it, and keep it off!!!! I subscribed your page because you are so honest about your weight loss journey. No sugar coating, just the ( ugly) truth!! Thank you, and i wish you all the best! ( sorry if my writing is wrong, i’m from Holland! haha)

  21. kialharris says:

    Did you journal hour meals n exercise? If so, I’d love to check them out. I’m in college time and working full time with an´╗┐ hour commute. I’m taking on Atkins to make sure I don’t gain anymore while I finish my education. Any help you can give would rock

  22. Jasmine Sewell says:

    OMG, You inspire me so much… I am 16 and I’ve absolutley hate my weight! ­čÖü but watching you makes me think, “I Can Do It” soo Thank you´╗┐ soo much and please keep uploading for us you are absolutley wonderful

  23. paulemona says:

    Good´╗┐ job girl!!!

  24. 18doves says:

    I’m on a´╗┐ 100lb weight loss journey! keep making wl vids! I looovvee ur laugh girl!

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