NutriBullet:Weightloss Green Smoothie

Weightloss green smoothie using the nutribullet. Drink 2-3x a day replacing meals and snacks so GS for breakfast, GS for snack, GS for lunch, healthy snack, …
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  1. Bondho Ridoy says:

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  2. bholasahlpu says:

    If you have been trying to lose weight fast, you should search google for Lean Body Blaster. They can help you get the body you deserve.

  3. sittingdoe says:

    i made a green smoothie last night that definitely needed sweetening so i used a couple of DATES (removing the pits), which is much better for us, than honey (still sugar) and is ok in small amounts; or Agave Nectar (not as good as most people think). Love the Nutri Bullet, compact, convenient and effective. 🙂

  4. Nicole Smith says:

    be carefully u don’t burn the motor….Nice video tho

  5. NeiceyNec says:

    The nutri bullet company owes you a nice check…great job and keep it up. I ‘m sold!

  6. dinesh kumar says:

    Have you heard about Cosmos Fat Loss? (Go google it) It is a quick way to get rid of fat fast.

  7. Natasha Reichel says:

    I’m going shopping for a NB TODAY!!!! Thanks for making the video and I love hearing your son in the background. Just like my daughter!

  8. lilmissdiva1 says:

    is it better to use more greens or fruit? or do it really matter?

  9. FitNaturalBelle says:

    lol lol :)

  10. neecee401100 says:

    MOM!!! sounds like me when I get home.

  11. Che Collado says:

    Love the video btw , thanks for posting.

  12. Che Collado says:

    I just got mine today, I am going to do the 6 week plan. Going to try :). I hope I loose weight and feel as good as you seem like you do 🙂

  13. candycanered says:

    Do you drink all of that at one time?

  14. paing soe says:

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  15. kiran rai says:

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  16. dil jani says:

    Hello there!

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  17. rickyrollbot says:

    Dont Google anything in the comments. ….

  18. dilranga95 says:

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  19. JayLuciano1 says:

    Agreed! beautiful voice 🙂 thanks for the recipe!

  20. sophreshticated says:

    You put in some over the max fill line and it still worked fine. I’m amazed lol. Good job.

  21. Peter D says:

    I think you forced everything down to much…….because it took along time for the spinach to blend..I say this cause it happened to me. Great video

  22. naresh man Maharjan says:

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  23. Rick Lamb says:

    I just bought mine today….and wow you are an awesome teacher. You are so calm…ever with your child in the back ground you just kept on making the I look forward to using this and feeling great and loosing weight as well.

  24. Karen Harris says:

    Great video! I’m going to make the smoothie. I’m trying to lose weight, and eat more healthy.

  25. Vincent E. Epps says:

    Never pack your produce into the nutribullet. It will heat up your smoothie. Heat will destroy the nutrients in your produce. Otherwise good video.

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