Nutrition & Diets : How Can a Skinny Woman Gain Weight?

If a woman is skinny and wants to gain weight, she should first see a doctor to see if she has a poor appetite that is deficient in different vitamins or minerals. Concentrate on high calorie foods to gain weight with advice from a registered and licensed dietitian in this free video on nutrition and diets. Expert: Christine Marquette Bio: Christine E. Marquette is a registered and licensed dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic in Austin, Texas. Filmmaker: Todd Green

23 Responses to Nutrition & Diets : How Can a Skinny Woman Gain Weight?

  1. Tahg015 says:

    People think i starve myself. I eat so much, it’s unreal how much i can pack down. But i never gain over 80, no matter how high the calories 🙁 i need help

  2. DragonofLyoko says:

    Its nice to have people to relate to 🙂 All those popular magazines are about losing weight and none about gaining weight : It kinda leaves you lonely cause you dont feel there is anyone to relate to :

  3. CassieAnnaCary says:

    Any suggestions for someone who can’t tolerate dairy? I’m also intolerant to wheat and grains. (for now til my gut heals 🙂 I eat alot of bone broth and use coconut oil, and tend to juice alot for the calories. I eat alot of white and sweet potatoes…I just can’t get past a certain weight. Any ideas?

  4. jessyslippers101 says:

    Okay im with you guys my friends always make fun of my even the guys and im done with it i cannot stand it any longer

  5. BenSeviyorumSeni says:

    read the comments and see that most skinny people here are shorter than me, I am 24 years old, my height is 5,11 and i weigh 120, can’t gain weight, I have a poor appetite, i never eat breakfasts, sometimes eat lunch, and rarely eat dinner, my mom says I probably hide when I eat otherwise I would die of not eating, but it is my body, I am very active person, I dance, and I am a student, you know how it works, what can I do to increase my appetite? please any advice?

  6. CamboSoup92 says:

    @EHSLittleTiff omg i know exactly how you’s so horrible. I hate taking pictures and sometimes I hate warm weather because i’m not able to cover up my body as much.

  7. SuperChamona says:

    @EHSLittleTiff just have breakfast every morning. even if you arent hungry, eat it slowly until its gone and you feel like youre gonna burst.  that should boost your appetite.

  8. SuperChamona says:

    @panamenamami it’s part of being a teenager. you have a very fast metabolism and burn more calories than you consume. just drink protein shakes and eat a few jelly donuts :d also, make sure to not be too active.

  9. panamenamami says:

    She says it so easily, losing weight is not as hard as gaining weight. I’m 14 and 85lbs, 5′, the skinniest (and shortest) person in my grade. It’s not that I don’t eat, I do. I eat more than most people my age. But I have no idea where it all goes..

  10. keillz31 says:

    @cattybritt92lynn the fact you are under weight and eating only one meal a day is not helping you always start the day with breakfast you will find your apitite then improves for the rest of the day 😀
    im only 7 stone and eat 3 meals a day plus extras, thin ppl burn off the food too fast to survive off one meal

  11. meercachase says:

    i’m 19, 156cm, 40kg. my friends always say i’m too skinny and say i don’t eat much. but i eat just as much as them. i feel disgusted with my own body because i can see bones protruding. does anyone have any advice in workout techniques to help gain body mass? because when i search in youtube, its all for men .. :/

  12. MultiCatzz says:

    Sammee. Everybody Keep telling me I looks aneroxic.
    Im 13rs old ,abt 148 cm tall and I weigh 70.4 pounds.. I desperately Need to gain weight.

  13. hezqone says:

    @FluroUnderwear I thought I were the only one with this issue. I try soo hard to gain weight and can’t. -___-

  14. EHSLittleTiff says:

    Im 17 and 5’4 and only weigh 85 pounds. Im so sick of being called anorexic and feel self conscious because of it

  15. cattybritt92lynn says:

    I’m 139 lbs, and 5’10. Since I’m not a super model there is no need for me to be this tall and skinny. People always say I look aenorexic and one time one of my school counselours brought can goods to my house because she thought i wasn’t eating enough. But that was 6 years ago, I was about 115-128 lbs then. I don’t really eat alot (1 meal a day at the least), so when I don’t eat I lose weight QUICKLY. I really just want a nice ass and curvy hips, but we can’t always get what we want :/

  16. IlovedogsEMS says:

    @Ashley4everr1 same here just a little bit taller i’m like 5.2 feets

  17. peeco19 says:

    @lovemichellenicole91 im 23, have 2 girls and weigh 7 stone.i hate it sucks lol

  18. lovemichellenicole91 says:

    im 20,have a baby girl,eat alot && still l weigh 88 lbs..i dislike it to the max..

  19. wishywashygirl19 says:

    canola oil is a man made oil it is so not good for u its made from a poisonous plant

  20. jessicaann14 says:

    @Bianka247lv omg! Thats my goal aswell.

  21. Ashley4everr1 says:

    I’m 13, i height 5.0 feets and i weight 90.

  22. TheInfectionTR says:

    ım 16 and 44 pounds help me pls ım sı skinny ı think ı want be 60 pounds

  23. shoes403 says:

    @BabyGirlGoddess Thats exactly my problem! Im at 103 now. Im sick of stuffing my face all the time….

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