Pre Workout Nutrition: My Muscle Building Pre Workout Meal

Pre Workout Nutrition: My Muscle Building Pre Workout Meal. Want more info on this topic and my complete muscle building guide? Watch this free muscle building tips video presentation that reveals a hardgainers nutrition and training guide to get big and lean in less time: ================== About Vince Del Monte ================== Meet “Vince Del Monte,” the only Fitness Guru who has been coined The Skinny Guy Savior. He earned this name by dedicating his life to transforming the lives of the skinny, scrawny wimpy guys & skinny girls — helping them become healthier, fitter and more confident in their bodies. He loves sharing his top pre workout nutrition and pre workout meal strategies. In the end his students transform themselves to “Live better, Look better & Know better!” Vince has transformed thousands of lives of the skinny, scrawny, wimpy individual with a perfect mix of encouragement, humor, no BS, inspiration and fun with his popular best selling “No-Nonsense Muscle Building” system which teaches guys how to build muscle fast with unique pre workout meal plans. Vince has the most popular “skinny to muscular” transformation stories in the world. He was the poster boy of the “I can’t gain weight or get the girl” story. Vince became known as “Skinny Vinny.” He was 140-150 pounds at 6 feet tall. The nickname didn’t die; it stuck with him all through college. He tried everything to build muscle any way he could, never reaching past 149 lbs

20 Responses to Pre Workout Nutrition: My Muscle Building Pre Workout Meal

  1. CherPsKy says:


  2. VinceDelMonte says:

    @whytey26 Try different things and gauge your performance. Just try to avoid any fats (eggs, nuts, butters, oils) pre-workout.

  3. whytey26 says:

    Vince I have been working out in the morning’s since it is more convenient when in college I go at 7am and I was wondering what I should take pre-workout I just drink Dietary supplement with a protein shake before workout.

  4. inlandprosound2000 says:

    @VinceDelMonte What’s so wrong about milk?

  5. SuperChij says:

    VInce! u gat a point! living large for sure…

  6. 95TurboSol says:

    Love the show Vince, I’ll keep watching 🙂

  7. VinceDelMonte says:

    @inlandprosound2000 That’s known as Intentions…

  8. VinceDelMonte says:

    @ladeninlogen Never heard that…. I don’t recommend milk for humans….

  9. mjccmc82 says:

    great video ; I appreciate your sharing your knowledge

  10. ladeninlogen says:

    vince whats up with the growth hormone( IGF 1) in food and drinks like milk? I heard it was dangerous for adults, is this true? thanks.

  11. davidealessio says:

    spam… HAHAHAHA

  12. PhuckYuew says:

    you look kinda small to be 210lbs

  13. inlandprosound2000 says:

    Hey Vince! Tried your bench press technique yesterday and let me tell you, I am SO sore today! Great tip and I love it! Really forces you to drop the weight slowly and enhance the negative portion of the movement (as we all know is where the muscle is most active and what makes it grow) I’ll be using it from now on! Thank you Vince, always great advice! 😀

  14. VinceDelMonte says:

    @TheCounterStrike2012 Yes… Culturismo sin tonterias-Sin drogas ni suplementos

  15. kilaredd says:

    Great tips/AAA very informative/the B.E.S.T.

  16. gabsylv says:

    Good tip, thanks!!

  17. TheCounterStrike2012 says:

    Do you have nutrition books in Spanish?

  18. 06livefast says:

    Vince, these videos are excellent no matter what fitness level you are. You look great man. Please keep it up, we are learning from the best! Jay

  19. Ace11166 says:

    impressive knowledge.. respect

  20. Cobrakai77 says:

    Great Video!! thanks Vince as as always

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