Quick and Easy Diet Tips

diet.com StephenCabral.com Lose weight with our diet tips and fitness plan video series. Combined w our weight loss workout routine, your body will be ready for a next to nothing sexy provocative Halloween costume.
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www.GreenHCG.com Try The Free Instant Consultation Page and See what Plan works best for you — http My Experience with the HCG Diet. I have been using GreenHCG Diet Drops & have lost 10 pounds in 11 days. In this video I go through some important tips that can help you successfully complete the HCG Diet.
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  6. klikaries2 says:

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  9. MMArtist99 says:

    I don’t know why anyone would follow a nutrition program that isn’t customized to their body type. Anyone who wants to lose weight should be following the “Fat Loss Customized” program..


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  10. ANJIN79SAMMA says:

    the sample diet plan seems way to low on carbohydrates – especially if you advocate training. i agree protein needs to be influxed regularly but to only obtain CHO s from berries in the morning!? !!

  11. MoiSuperAlex says:

    I just watched forks over knives and seems like eggs, milk and meat is not good for us 🙁

  12. poonstang90lx says:

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  13. vhulheim says:

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  14. will444441 says:

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  15. laughtnerloverxx30 says:

    can we eat milk and cereal??!

  16. LisasRadiance says:

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  17. waosoad says:

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  23. oneononefitstudio says:

    Great Vid!

  24. carolina4790 says:

    HCGDIETFAN..Great tips.. what is your meal plan like? Are you taking injections? how is it mixed and where did you get the hcg.. can you do a video on how to get started. After the 1st wk do you take a break? I am new to youtube and really want to try this protocol. I’m doing research before I decide. 030811

  25. trex457 says:

    great video thanks for the advice.

  26. foxybrown64 says:

    Good job try to stick with it, you can do it!

  27. Ubmd1 says:

    Keep posting. You are doing a good job. I am on VLCD 18 and I have lost 11 lbs in 17 days. My only cheat has been a little bit more of the melba toast which I now have learned to overcome. Try 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in 25 ounces of water, sweetened with stevia if you wish. That really helps too.

  28. tastingthin says:

    I am very proud of you for sticking it out. We are all human and “cave” on diets. Live and learn, huh? Very good tips! I agree with all your points. Support is a big key! Are you on FB? What is your FB name? You nailed it when you said “first bite”. I need to try that…’cause that is what gets me every time, lol Have you seen my “stop cheating” vlog…it is rather funny! I was trying to be all serious and couldn’t keep a straight face. I am enjoying your vlogs. THANKS!

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