Raspberry Ketone Max Weight Loss Before & After Results

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25 Responses to Raspberry Ketone Max Weight Loss Before & After Results

  1. Rachel noneyabidness says:

    Alot of these girls became too skinny. Its ugly not pretty

  2. Rachel noneyabidness says:

    1:32 anorexia

  3. omerina xx says:



  4. WeasleyTwiins says:

    I can do it.

  5. tusia750 says:


  6. 650Mexican says:

    3:27 looked better before

  7. Shannon Lewis says:

    Sorry but 90% percent of those girls were at a healthy weight. Then the lost over 10 pounds and look sick

  8. grupposoul says:

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  9. RenaStudLikeUhHuh says:

    Ugh…Anorexia is a state of mind..not a measure of weight..just because someone is 96lbs..doesnt mean they are anorexic… !

  10. SoNo Echo says:

    I think a person should never have to lose weight unless it was an actual health problem.

  11. LipGlossLucy says:

    with some it goes from ideal weight to gaunt-like thin and some a verging on anorexic.. I mean 96lbs? that’s only 6 and a half stone yes some people are naturally skinny, but why make yourself like it!

  12. countrylivin10 says:

    I had a friend who was anorexic and some of these girls fit the criteria:/

  13. Rebelwolfie says:

    I know a few gals is to thin. I rather weigh 120 lbs for my ideal weight

  14. Brandy Robinson says:

    Some people look to thin are you people blind im all for healthy but you all that lost weight should at least be 120 CoMe O N

  15. JustDreamingLife says:

    some of them are too thin and scary!

  16. Hayley Peterson says:

    Some of these girls do NOT look healthy after. In fact, a lot looked better before. A lot of them had a healthy weight before and after just look anorexic.

  17. SaffyTheVampire says:

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  18. Mrslaurenawesome says:

    its almost like some don’t know when to stop and what is healthy

  19. Mrslaurenawesome says:

    some are too thin

  20. Amy Ac says:

    only some?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. msladytrue6789 says:

    I love these thinspo videos i wonna b 119 120 i got 10 more pounds to go i need help how do i do this wit out killin myself i cut down so much im thin but not 119 any1 give me wht they done im down 4 any advice thanks email me msladytrue6789@gmail.com thanks

  22. Patakata Vimpur says:

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  23. GradiBarak says:

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  24. aliyahdneaable says:

    I really like this one

  25. SaffyTheVampire says:

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