Raw Detox Salad- Weight Loss Diet with Dashama

http://30dyc.com Lose weight with these recipes. Try this delicious raw salad for total health and longevity. SUBSCRIBE to this channel. Comment. Blessings. …
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  3. tania abarzua says:

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  13. choneythief says:

    You are soooo pretty!

  14. TheLivingFruits says:

    Do you soak your goji’s and seeds sometimes too?

  15. TheLivingFruits says:

    Great salad.. alkaline rich as well as delicious, Nice. 😀

  16. Rafael Battaglia says:

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  17. phase866 says:

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  21. Lazybabyz says:

    I started eating lettuce, carrot, red, green, yellow peppers chick peas and boiled egg whites for lunch. Im stuffed when ive finished eating it. I eat mine plain, no dressing or salt.

  22. almightydawnthegreat says:

    Dried Cranberries = yummy things

  23. yukihai says:

    Can u use vinegar for dressing?

  24. One1Critic says:

    You sound like a stupid ditz….I can’t take you seriously.

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