RAW FOOD DIET JUICER RECIPES – Apple Carrot Parsley Lemon Ginger!

SHOP.life-regenerator.com * http Free Juicing Recipes—Raw Food Weight Loss—Vegetable Juice Recipes—Raw Vegetable Diet—Vegetable Juicing— Apple—Carrot—Parsley—Lemon & Ginger Juice * I ngredients * — 3 Apples — 6 Carrots — 2 bunches Parsley — 1 Lemon — 2 inches Ginger * P reparation * — 1) Run all ingredients through your Breville juicer, or whatever the best juicer is for you. JUICER.life-regenerator.com — 2) Add ice if desired, and enjoy! **** Stream of Consciousness **** positive thinking positive thoughts energy picked up i feel great i feel good i feel energized i feel alive my walk was uplifting am i here to teach you? no, you are here to teach me! i learn from it and i grow from it i listen to my own advice these videos have taught me more about health than any of the other videos out there it was raining, but the clouds parted the sun has come out even brighter never give up on miracles! the miracles are still now today it is all one giant miracle, if you get the mind for it! the whole thing is miracle you are breathing, you are alive! all i see is perfection so many have parades about what is wrong with the world but i have everything here to help me grow spiritually, physically & emotionally but i have total support from the universe dan, here is the next step here is what you need to do to keep growing so keep on growing! never give up! so I don’t care about those who may call me skinny, as I know most of you love me, and I’m just going to keep on going. there is

25 Responses to RAW FOOD DIET JUICER RECIPES – Apple Carrot Parsley Lemon Ginger!

  1. HorusNoon says:

    Dan, you’re awesome!!

  2. MrSidejobs001 says:

    dan the lord blessed us with you

  3. lsdfadslasdkf says:

    Hi Dan,
    Have you checked out single auger juicers? They don’t beat up and oxidize the produce nearly as much as the centrifugal ejection juicer like the one in this video. The lower the rpm the higher the quality of juice. the Samson 9005 (or similar models) is one good juicer with very low rpm. Do you know about two-stage juicing as recommended in the Gerson Therapy? It’s really the best way to juice! All the best.

  4. sythar1973 says:

    dan your a loving dude pray your prayers are answered

  5. hmyhan says:

    love ya too Dan. thank you for all you say and do.

  6. TheDe7k says:

    I am really not certain that it is the right eating plan for anybody, but DietOramy diet plan regime obviously assists my aunt burn all that extra fat deposits. You can find sufficient free info on the Internet about it, simply use Google…

  7. chuckgilmore371 says:

    Get on with it

  8. rezoankhan says:

    Howdy! Perhaps you have analyzed DietOramy diet programs (google it)? I’ve discovered numerous incredible information regarding this and my mate lost large amounts of excessive fat by using it.

  9. ElitePokerPlayer says:

    @STFUB73 sorry but YouTube won’t let me thumbs up your statement but only once 🙁

  10. STFUB73 says:

    Love is the key, God is the answer, and you are so blessed to be absolutely enlightened!! I wish u all the peace and love anyone can handle!! I juice, I believe that real food, created by God, is the only food we should put into our body!! Xoxo…

  11. qigong2012 says:

    WHERE R U MAN !!!!!!!!!

  12. MushroomedAnymore says:

    I think he has a perfect body: thin & toned like an ancient tribesman. Musclehead bodybuilders turn me off totally. They’re about as aesthetic as carpet tufts or stained cardboard.

  13. Shelldall says:

    Super GREAT Video, thankyou so much…

  14. idontknowkarate says:

    Transcendental and inspiring; egotistical and proud; connected and conscious. Love it

  15. changster308 says:

    @changster308 and I love juicing but you are putting ppl off to it

  16. changster308 says:

    these “miracles” you speak of are called chance. there are 6 billion ppl on earth. of course random good events will happen to some ppl. There would be somethign seriously wrong with the world if random good events didnt happen to 6 billion ppl. AND. you are not a doctor so shut up.

  17. xXSummsXx says:

    This is a really good one for beginners!! It is easy on the taste buds. Pretty yummy 🙂

  18. 12caredee21 says:


  19. DarkPrince1785 says:

    Wow, interesting you are. I really like your message though.

  20. yaseenkhan1001 says:

    you forgot to put the bowl in the juicer

  21. jdh91741 says:

    @yespann56 Check out Dr. Gabriel Cousins Tree of Life in Arizona.

  22. Glyvxx says:


  23. TylerTolmanTT says:

    Awesome video! Please keep me posted…

  24. MrGotemcoach says:

    hi guys.i posted my question on another video but im pretty impatient to get some answer and help..i drink juice to replace my morning and dinner meal.i eat lunch in the afternoon usually a tuna sandwich..my main question is..”is there such thing as too much fruit juice”? i usually mix veggies and frut together.but sometimes mix in apples and orange.or apples and peach.im pretty new with juicing and would like some help.i dont want to end up hurting my body more than helping.,.thanks to all.

  25. smash5058 says:

    these videos are awesome

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