Raw Food Diet & Keeping Warm In The Winter, Ep93

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13 Responses to Raw Food Diet & Keeping Warm In The Winter, Ep93

  1. polylingue says:

    Natasha, have you ever had eggzonchinn?

  2. Autres1 says:

    Why don’t you just make a veggie soup with your unboiled hot water?? Just live instead of closing yourself in this little “vegan world” box you created.
    I don’t get how boiled water or cooking veggies is not healthy, according to vegans!..very weird.
    If you practice winter sports/activities you won’t hate winter and it won’t be torture for you.
    Have peace,

  3. RochelleHansonMusic says:

    Ginger root and greens are a BIG part of my life. What she’s saying here is sooo true. i noticed my friends at work will be freezing cold while i’m in the same room totally unaffected. It’s all about circulation and internal warming. she’s so right!

  4. RochelleHansonMusic says:

    hmmm how do you explain steam?? 😉

  5. MaxLightMusic says:

    boiled water is good for you. it warms you and kills all sorts of bacteria. and just so you know, boiling water does not change the water’s molecular structure. 

  6. Vegirobin says:

    I just put my food in the dehydrator at 115 for a while until it’s heated up.

  7. AbcSchoolOfPolish says:

    Thanks for the advice. I will try that.

  8. rawvegan35 says:

    yyou should tell people to go away to somewhere tropical like you do. When people that do not live in the cold try to tell people it is easy to do, have no idea.they do not understand how hard it is. When itis -20s it is way harder.

  9. RADIANTandRAW says:

    You can add a little cayenne and ginger powder in a hot bath!

    Another good tip is to eat extra seaweed, because the natural sodium makes you warm.

  10. StarFlower99654 says:

    I hate the cold and dark winters here in Alaska. Especially since I have gotten older and developed dis-ease. Shoveling snow just isnt so much fun anymore. Seriously making changes to either move or retire to warmer, even tropical climates. Hot herbal tonics are what warms me up right now.

  11. chucksheen says:

    How does boiling water change the molecular structure and still stay water?

    Read End The Fed by Dr. Ron Paul, champion of The Constitution.

  12. jonneyd says:

    how long do u heat your tea for on the stove?

  13. Dreadwitch says:

    ooo interesting! =^-^=

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