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  1. losy mosy says:

    I appreciate the vids. I heard that matt monarch sells deer antler. I heard that this is a cruel and sadistic practice. I was wondering if you knew how deer antler is harvested. If so could you please make a video about it?

  2. maha janaya says:

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  3. iliyan borisov says:

    Have you experienced Fat Blast Lifestyle? (check it out on google) It is a quick way for you to lose weight fast.

  4. rebornraw says:

    Those people who walked away from you when you were sick were not your friends. Glad you are better.

  5. Jahid Tanjil says:

    Hello, have you heard about “Fat Blast Formula”? (look it up on google) You will learn about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With “Fat Blast Formula”, you will discover how to melt fat fast.

  6. carrie dodson says:

    your skin is nice, u dont need makeup


  7. handstheygaveme says:

    her recipe books are SO helpful and delicious and easy. very motivating! and all my non LFRV friends love the food without really knowing its super good for them and fat free! weeeeeeeee! get em all!

  8. abztrktrockerz says:

    you look great!

  9. mydancetv says:

    Great interview but a quiet room and a tripod would have helped. :-/

  10. Ken P says:

    One of the most beautiful Irish gals I’ve ever seen. 😉 Keep shining, ME.

  11. kpuchot says:

    thats mature..

  12. veganstarz love says:

    I would have never guessed! I thought she was always this fabulous

  13. Robert Lopez says:

    Hey, have you considered “secret 707 diet” (just google it)?
    There you can watch a useful free video. This helped Ellin to lose her belly fat.
    It might help you out too…

  14. Terrell LikestoRide says:

    LOL! Dan you send me! Doable! Ha!

  15. stephlovesthejobros says:

    for anyone trying to decide whether or not they should get her ebook: GET IT. IT’S AMAZING. haha or should i say rawmazing 😀 <3 every recipe i've tried is delicious and super simple.

  16. Lindsay Daze says:

    Ive started the raw vegan deep tissue detox consisting of the 21 day fruits veggie herbs, 21 day green juice, 21 day mono meals and then a water fast. All thanks to Dan the man!:) WATCH MY JOURNEY!
    go to my channel for daily videos updates and recipes

  17. George Lucas says:

    wow, she is very good looking. it’s hard to picture her at 170 lbs. my roommate tried this diet, and his results were amazing! He lost his acne and his skin is incredible, he’s constantly full of energy, his reflexes and coordination are nearly as sharp as a pro athlete, he never gets sick, all of the body discomforts and pains he had previously are gone, his posture has improved, it’s like he is super-human!! i will begin this diet soon….i hope to see similar results

  18. chiflee67 says:

    I couldn’t imagine she was a whale!

  19. Diedre Callam says:

    Jeesz. Megan’s skin looks flawless. I wonder if I can go back to being raw. Hmmm. I just find it so expensive here in Jamaica.

  20. theidealistinside says:

    Ummmm… you sound like someone I know. Weird….

  21. Kathryn Saunders says:

    wow, this sounds like me!!!

  22. EllieMarianna says:

    Wow, raw foodists seem so enlightened till you stick an attractive girl in front of them… Be respectful…

  23. Ka Sundance says:

    Ka Sundance

  24. grittygreenhorn says:

    May I offer some advice to our maiden Megan? It seems that yours is the type of beauty that men will want to take and destroy for their own pleasure. May I recommend pepper spray or a Taser or a handgun? In fact, all three would work! Russian Systema works for both men and women. I have yet to see raw food and self-defense combined, what better time to start than now! But of course you need a good rousing folk song when dangerous women and living food is involved!

  25. adicakes says:

    she can have my cock raw

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