Raw Food Weight Loss Before & After

Shared with you from the web site: rawfoods.purejeevan.com Raw Food Weight Loss Before & After photos can be very inspirational! Watch Wendi Dee’s raw food diet before and after 100 pound weight loss transformation from obesity to vibrant health. Be inspired! The transformation, although dramatic on the outside, mostly took place from within. I welcome your questions. If you are interested in changes, and you feel that perhaps a change in diet may be what you are looking for, then I encourage you to try the raw food diet! For comprehensive information on raw foods Pure Jeevan’s main web site is: rawfoods.purejeevan.com (which offers visitors two free raw foods eBooks!) and our blog, which offers a new raw food article each weekday is at rawfoodblog.purejeevan.com Lots of love and health to all of you! Wendi XOXOXO Click on these links for help rawfoods.purejeevan.com http www.AllRawDirectory.com ================================= PURE JEEVAN INFORMATION 2283 SE Cesar E. Chavez Blvd., Portland, OR 97214 (503) 388-6201 ‎ rawfoods.purejeevan.com http raw food, raw foodism, weight loss, raw food diet, health coaching =================================

25 Responses to Raw Food Weight Loss Before & After

  1. xxlonewolfxx37 says:

    Wow you r a gorgeous vegan!

  2. shelisegr8love says:

    This is a personal question… Sorry! Do u have issues with ur breast skin not returning? So many that lose large amt of weight have this problem. I have never heard anyone in the raw food world address this… Please respond!

  3. faithsangel88 says:


  4. peetreepop says:

    beautiful and inspiring…<3

  5. Projekt140 says:

    I can eat about 75% raw…. but not more. I love food way too much to go 100% raw, and going raw is kind of expensive. I’m so glad it worked for you! Eating mostly raw has made me feel amazing. i do worry about not getting all of the nutrients I’m supposed to have while eating raw though…

  6. dana1900 says:


  7. spoechhacker says:

    You look so beautiful!

  8. rawfoodfamilylife says:

    🙂 Great video!

  9. blueyz424 says:

    So inspirational! thank you 🙂

  10. sherazgill1 says:

    Oh hai! Have you tried – fast abs magic (do a google search)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cooworker got amazing Six pack abs and lost a lot of belly fat with it.

  11. makeuplover4u says:

    I cant even tell u how much this video has inspired me.

  12. FoodNazi001 says:

    Wow…shes beautiful….good job…I’m soo soo soooooo proud of you!!! I lost 70 pounds through holistic foods. 🙂 People like you inspire me.

  13. CreamSodaNinja says:

    Totally going to try this out.
    But I feel I must say that you don’t have to thin to be beautiful. I encourage taking care of yourself, being healthy and loving yourself. There is beauty in everyone. You are abosuletly gorgeous and I’m happy that you’re happy 🙂 Everyone deserves happiness.

  14. ChadEric86 says:

    This is honestly inspiring! You look amazing!

  15. lunarain19 says:

    This made me cry. I’ve been fighting for 2 years to get down to 120 and I’m finally in the 140’s and I watched food matters last night on Netflix and I was like maybe I should try raw foods. This completely inspired me. I want to me happy and healthy! And be a great example for my kids. Btw you are SO beautiful!

  16. DianaTPascal says:

    I love you too! Congratulations to you xo

  17. dukeuke1 says:

    I`m Doing it Now & It`s NOT that Hard ! Medical Rx Drug`s Have messed Me up & NOW is the time to Take Charge of My Own Body & NOT lay down & turn it over to the AMA Drug Lord`s

  18. XxMorbidXButterflyxX says:

    I’m gonna start and I started today. It’s going to hard but this video is very inspiring.

  19. vbreak2009 says:

    Thanks so much for all the info, I will definitely check them out. Good luck, Merry Christmas & Haoppy New year!

  20. cheleyish says:

    Also check out forks over Knives the documentary and if you really need a kick in the pants watch Earthlings. It’s available for free on you tube. Tough to watch…but a lesson I only needed once.

  21. cheleyish says:

    China Study, Crazy sexy diet, and check out Dr.Morse on youtube:) I’m also starting to transition. We haven’t had milk in so long it doesn’t taste good any more. We love vanilla almond milk. I’m getting an Omega juicer for Christmas. YAAAAAY! Been saving for a year:)

  22. BlueRoseDiaries says:

    Looking to try AGAIN on Raw Foods. I know for the three weeks I managed to do it, I felt incredible. No marked weight loss but it just seemed like life was possible. I have to do something, I feel like vitality stuck in a blanket of hell.

  23. loveispatient6 says:

    @ 2:44 what are you like 18 years old here????? you look INCREDIBLE!

  24. dttij says:

    Wow…amazing! Thanx for sharing…gives me motivation

  25. yorchick says:

    hope is what the video is thank you for sharing

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